An endeavor of Microsoft’s MVP – Sumit Bansal, empowers people with the key to great career opportunities 


An endeavor of Microsoft’s MVP – Sumit Bansal, empowers people with the key to great career opportunities 

Entrepreneurship lies at the heart of economic growth in a nation. An inside look at the measure of developmental transformation that has been ignited by entrepreneurial innovation supports the veracity of this fact. In a booming economy as India, the wave of entrepreneurship has typically swayed every sector revolutionizing them with ground breaking solutions; and education is not left untouched. Considering its pivotal role in empowering other sectors, contemporary entrepreneurial initiatives in this domain are set to drive growth for the entire economy enkindling social development.

One such endeavor, thrives as a radical platform training people to hone their skills and become impressively efficient in using Microsoft Excel. Launched in 1985, Excel has emerged as one of the most powerful tools to manage a business taking charge of its diverse functions. In todays’ aggressive business environments, one needs to have strong Excel skills towards achieving organizational goals and unlocking career potential. helps professionals as well as students to equip themselves with comprehensive knowledge of working with Excel by providing them a wide array of exclusive yet free tutorials and videos as well as paid courses. The website was created with an aim to offer high quality tutorials on Microsoft Excel; innovatively designed to enwrap extensive knowledge in structured learning methodology for bestowing a unique experience to learners. was born in 2015 when the founder, Sumit Bansal felt a streak of entrepreneurial passion for sharing the profound knowledge in Excel spreadsheets he had gained while working with IBM.  Comprising an MBA degree in Finance from IIT Delhi, Sumit’s career journey has stints with several boutique consulting firms and IBM. His tenure at IBM gave him the exposure to a short but deep learning curve in Excel. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Sumit shares about how it all began, “I worked on data and I had to spend time on spreadsheets day in and day out. This experience with spreadsheets added a lot to my knowledge. By then, it was quite clear to me that expertise in Excel is a much desirable skill.  As I saw most of my colleagues facing challenges working with Excel, I resolved upon sharing what I have learnt with them and other people whom I can connect with online. One fine day, I registered the domain name; got the hosting and started writing.”

TrumpExcels’s journey began as an online platform sharing video as well as written tutorials on Excel. However, the sui generis approach with which Sumit developed the tutorial contents served the purpose effectively. The website started gaining a lot of traction soon and that was a great motivation to Sumit. “There were many subscribers; I could see a number of comments lined up. The efficacy of the method of the content delivery had given rise to the need for more”, adds Sumit. The demand for development of foundational courses on Excel clearly surfaced through subscribers’ feedback. This was a turning point in Sumit’s entrepreneurial journey as for the first time it dawned on him that he had an online business in hand. He developed the first course and provided it as a paid offering. He got a couple of sales and he was happy about that.  It took no time to realize that TrumpExcel was his calling; it riveted him and he was nothing but zealous about leaving his full time corporate job to engage himself in this business.

At present, the website offers content to subscribers in two engagement models. There are free content and paid courses. The free contents include videos and tutorials for free usage whereas there are three paid courses namely Excel Course, Dashboard Course and VBA Course. All the three courses are offered on varied pricing models to suit the needs of the subscribers. Once they have enrolled for a course and made the payment, they can download the course material. Furthermore, they can reach out to the author for any query through email as well as forums. Catering to what subscribers needed, all the three courses have been very successful in terms of establishing the business and building the brand for it. A staggering figure of 100+K followers on email as well as Social media bears testimony to this fact.

So what takes TrumpExcel to a leading position setting it apart from other players in the market? Most of the content providers either provide video tutorials or written tutorials on topics that too, content is not carefully designed and developed which makes it difficult for the learner to gain a good grasp on the subject. In the paid model, the content provided in the courses give less information than required and is usually wrapped up quickly or it is overloaded with information and either way whatever students get to learn doesn’t solve the purpose.

Whether it’s a tutorial or a course, at TrumpExcel, each of them has been developed after a lot of research on the content to be included as well as on the methodology to be incorporated; to help a learner get the best of it. This also includes regular feedback from learners to enhance the quality of the courses furnishing them with everything a learner wants. The motive is to provide a solid foundation; and hence, the outcome is a nonpareil product; a full-fledged course or a comprehensive tutorial on a topic supplemented by a video; designed with a unique methodology; so as to make the concepts crystal clear with structured learning. Such an unprecedented and novel approach has been the key factor that makes the courses and tutorials offered by TrumpExcel peerless. Speaking about the success, Sumit shares, “I can see more and more people benefitting from my videos. As of now, more than 500 students have enrolled in paid courses.”

The experience of developing these tutorials and courses and efforts to set firm footing amidst enough competition has seen an evolutionary phase in Sumit’s entrepreneurial journey. He says, “It’s been three years now and the journey has been amazing. Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful experience as you get to explore your potential in diverse areas. You know you have to learn a lot; read a lot to keep yourself abreast with developments in such a competitive atmosphere.” The journey was never always smooth.  “I was a complete newbie when I started the site, with absolutely no knowledge about blogging, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.”, shares Sumit. However, Sumit’s steadfast devotion to the purpose helped him to overcome challenges with confidence. It traversed the path of success since inception and hit significant milestones on its way. The greatest one being Sumit’s recognition by Microsoft as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Excel for sharing his knowledge with the community. This accolade enlisted him in the global team of hundred Microsoft MVPs. This achievement was soon followed by acknowledging of as one of the ten best websites in the world for Excel. On the top of the hat, Sumit has been featured as one among the best bloggers in India. His articles and his stories have been featured in many online publications – such as Glassdoor, Indiehacker, Problogger, etc.


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