A-Team India, Disrupting the IT Industry with Innovative Technological Trends for All

A-Team India, Disrupting the IT Industry with Innovative Technological Trends for All

World is getting disrupted by various emerging technologies and it is changing the way we see and do business. There is a lot of tedious manual work which can be automated with the help of new techs and world is in desperate need for these technologies.

Abhinandan V Nair along with his group of passionate programmers is creating such technologies that can automate various manual processes under the banner of A-team India, where A stands for Alpha. They promote open source software development with trending and emerging technologies like Server Less, AWS Lambda, Vue JS, Flutter, Angular8, Kotlin etc. They aim to establish a unique entity that provides top-quality software products into the market.

Inspiration and idea behind A- Team India

With a desire to do something out of the box, Abhinandan began finding answers in the books of Swami Vivekananda. Those books helped him to build one of the most important attribute of an entrepreneur which is self-confidence. Moreover, he believes in giving back to the society therefore, he wanted to help people to stand on their own and support their families by learning and mastering various skills which are in great demand. Hence he decided to learn those skills himself first then started training junior guys to reach their maximum potential and this way A-team India was formed.

Solutions Provided by A-Team India

One major problem which has been overlooked by many businesses is the manual intervention and tedious tasks that are still carried by a human in the tech world. Therefore, to automate these processes, A-team India has developed various tool kits which help offices to work on their own without much manual interference. This saves a lot of time, lower the operational cost and reduces the chances of human errors. They have also developed various techs which are new and promising.

Challenges Faced by A- Team India

As a start-up they have faced many challenges like the negative attitude of society, having no financial backup and the potential clients were not taking chances on a young company for their projects. When they were struggling, the real support came from the family of Abhinandan especially his wife and parents who believed in himself and gave him the confidence to continue. This confidence helped Abhinandan and A-team India to rise from the ashes and achieve success.

Attitude is More Important than Money

They believe that success is not how much money you earn, it’s an attitude. A-team India measure success by checking whether they have done their maximum within the available resources like time, people and money, and of course skill sets. Everyone has their skills and capabilities but to get maximum out of it one needs to look deep inside and understand itself. Perseverance is the metrics they believe in gaining success and momentum.

Watching opportunities with an eagle’s eye

There is always an opportunity in the market for those who know how to see it. In order to get benefits from the available opportunities, one needs to have an eagle’s eye. An eagle has a great sense of hearing and viewing even from above the clouds. Just like an eagle observes the ground from above an entrepreneur need to observe the market and take decisions according to that. The market is always in need of new and better technologies to make the life of people easier. Hence the growth and change in the industry makes the market addressable all the time if we are observing it efficiently.

Growth Plans & Strategies

In the initial times, they used to follow brands and what process they follow but soon they realize that the world is more focussed on advanced technologies and if you are able to provide them value they will not hesitate to invest their time and money. Therefore, they began to pitch the benefits and future of their product and services to the clients. This resulted in the rise of their sales as well as growth rate.

Corporate Culture and Values

A-team India believes that a person having values such as dependability, availability, honesty, optimism, motivation, passion, creativity and courage can be an asset to not only their company but to the country. They promote these values as it helps a person to contribute its maximum to the company and the country as well.

A-team India focuses on creating a corporate culture that will allow people to work from anywhere in the world. They don’t need to work for 8 hours, they can work for only 3 hours but they should be able to deliver the work.

Failure and Lessons

Lessons which the CEO of A-team India, Abhinandan learned during his journey are that you should always seek for help when in need and always accept your fault as it will allow you to learn more valuable lessons.

The CEO says that” if someone points out your mistake then you should not take it to your ego, you should take it as feedback and improve yourself. Always respect everyone, learn from everyone, be smarter, learn from your mistakes and come back much stronger.”

What’s next for A-Team India?

Future goals of Abhinandan which he wants to accomplish from A-team India are to bring a digital nomadic age where there will be no infrastructure and people will work only from their laptops and smartphones. He also wants to disrupt the IT industry by bringing numerous passionate people from around the world who can take responsibility to do work from anywhere in the world. These people will be reliable, self-sustained, self-respectful and responsible and difference in currency will bring more opportunity for them.

We should not treat people like cattle as they only have to work in a particular place with no freedom, but with a digital nomadic experience a person can enjoy its life and work at the same time.

Major Achievements

  • Top 50 Tech Leaders 2019, Selected by Intercon Dubai.
  • Top Software Service provider 2019 by Clutch.co.
  • Received the Most Promising Company Award 2019 National Level.
  • Featured in “The Manifest” as best Web development service.

Vision of Visionary

Main vision of A-team India is to create a platform for young people who are willing to learn new things to make them more skilled, responsible and disrupt the IT industry.

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