A once-over with the leader behind a disruptor in the digital marketing terrain: HashTAGit’s founder Sachin Chaudhary

A once-over with the leader behind a disruptor in the digital marketing terrain: HashTAGit’s founder Sachin Chaudhary

The foundation of a business is laid down with the desire to build something distinctive; to infuse an idea, solution or a product that has not been introduced before. The torchbearers behind these solitary businesses are the real game changers who put their expertise in these unexpectedly simple ideas to carve an out of the way business. Sachin Chaudhary is one such ingenious thinker who has created a mark of his own with his dream, originality and daring. We caught up with the catalytic agent of change, Sachin, to discuss over a host of issues in line with his venture HashTAGit and gained his views on many grounds.

Here are the edited excerpts of the same…

Sachin, thanks for your time. You had an amazing stint of 15 years in the Management Consulting, Healthcare operations, Information technology & start-up environment. How did your journey take a turn towards the entrepreneurial horizon?

To take an easy route, I would have led a smooth professional stint, chairing a top-level position, where people work for you, but this is not me. For me, it has always been either going hard or going home. I have always been a firm believer in the strength of an idea and hence, have been able to transform a few of those into viable business models. I’ve been at the forefront of turning concepts into “have built.” After deploying my expertise to leading healthcare brands like GAP VC, Genpact, Ernst & Young (EY), Infosys, Wockhardt Hospitals, & Fortis among others and working directly with Promoters of companies & the Board to drive initiatives, I was fortunately bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and as ‘positive consequences’, the brand Medical Second Opinion, HashTAGit and HiDigify were created.

How did HashTAGit create its mark in the industry?

After the acquisition of my first entrepreneurial venture, Medical Second Opinion, a healthcare portal by the Grameen Healthcare Singapore, GAP VC and IFFCO, we needed a digital expert to handle our account. Unfortunately, the bitter experience with a renowned digital marketing agency and some freelancers pushed us into a black hole. There were two ways to wind up the gap; either to create a digital outfit as the part of Medical Second Opinion team or to probably carve out as a separate captive venture. We went for a new captive venture and from there the whole story of growth evoked. Our initial steps focused on the marketing of our own brand. Our handpicked team showcased the prowess to disrupt the over-occupied digital marketing landscape. The other digital marketing agencies were tangled in themselves; either they were handicapped in digitally handling the accounts or they failed to visualize a business as a business, lacking the industry perspective. Most of them overcommitted and under delivered the results. Therefore we created a niche player in 2012 to handle the digital marketing efforts of our start-up. With no time, we observed the immense potential of the digital market and the need for a strategic and data-driven Digital Marketing agency, decided to pursue this venture as the primary venture. Initially named as “Art of Webscience”, we rechristened the brand as ‘HashTagIt’.

Earlier what started as a captive effort has positioned itself as a formidable name in the Digital Marketing space in India and is also spreading its wings in International Territory. What contributes to the prowess of HashTAGit?

Digital marketing is not just a Plain Vanilla activity for us; rather, all our engagements are being executed as a consulting assignment. We join hands with the ownership levels of the company who look at our work as a strategic initiative and not just a one line item in the marketing portfolio of their company. For our engagements, we have an eternal love for numbers, the data, trend analysis and interweave them to create a customized and a defined marketing recipe for every engagement that we do get into.

We are not a “Web Development” company that offers Digital Marketing as an extension of their offering; rather we are a Strategic Digital Marketing company that offers Web Development as an extension. We are a bunch of strategic marketers and tech guys, who have a passion to listen to and understand the client’s business strategies and goals before recommending any digital marketing strategies. We do understand that there is a very niche skill set required for what we do and therefore we have on-boarded industry experts as well to cater to the diversified needs of our clients. Our collaborative approach and passion to solve the toughest of client’s marketing problems are what differentiates us from other big and small companies who offer cookie-cutter digital marketing packages. Therefore we created a niche player in 2012 to handle the digital marketing efforts of our start-up.

A simple question, why would a business knock the doors of HashTAGit?

Well, a simple answer, because we do everything for you, at a very fast pace!

What are the focused industries for HashTAGit?

We are by far the leaders in Healthcare and Wellness Digital space and our other focus industries which are rapidly growing include Technology, Start-up & Ecommerce, Education, Real Estate and Retail & FnB. We have worked for clients across India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia and the Middle East, including Patanjali for its Nepal operations, Nanavati Hospital, BLK, Saroj Hospital, Aditya Birla Healthcare Group, Primus, Manipal University and many more.

What are the areas of HasTAGit’s expertise?

We have firmed our position as a leader catering digital services including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy Consultancy, Product and Service Launch, Reputation Management and Account-Based Marketing.

Brief us on your futuristic technology masterpiece, HiDigify?

HiDigify is a platform that improves not only a brand’s revenue but also improves transparency and reduces the cost of operation by automation of reports. After lengthy discussions with almost 50 CEOs, it was felt that tracking numbers for websites and then creating reports for them was becoming an arduous task. It not only took a whole lot of time but was ineffectual at times and inaccurate too. By collaborating with multiple stakeholders, one can improve the effectiveness of his Digital Marketing campaigns. With HiDigify, the entire gamut of website management has been handled. Right from the strength of the website to how its content is being received, the tool works akin to a magic wand.

What roadmap has been laid down for HashTAGit’s journey ahead?

Touching a 300% growth mark in line with our team, our level of branding has been continuously improving. Furthermore, we are eyeing to double down the headcounts of the HashTAGitians and revenue as well with equity-based. Our expanded presence with Nairobi will be commissioned to harness 30% growth from the Africa market. Our technology- disruptor for tomorrow, HiDigify’s adroitness will also be pushed further so that other organizations can utilize its capabilities. We envision growing towards big picture goals. We are nurturing our journey in the best possible way.

How has been your entrepreneurial journey?

Very good and quite rewarding as well (giggles).  I adore the positivity it has brought in my life while affecting a number of people for their growth and livelihood. Everything is worth celebrating here and I have found the balance and harmony of entrepreneur success and happiness with my ventures and I am happy to be a part of the Start-up ecosystem.

A piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs.

Multiple ventures globally die because of the lack of constant nourishment and a market presence for their products and services. Therefore, from the initial step of a venture, one should continuously put the efforts and be confident in making their product a ‘vitamin’. Believe in yourself and your idea.

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