In the last few years, the travel industry in India has gone through a massive boom. As people have access to greater disposable incomes, and more people are getting interested to visit new places and explore exotic destinations.

Keeping mind the perks of travelling, some brilliant minds decided to start-up in the travel sector. And guess what! Their efforts introduced amazing solutions!  The market is set to touch the $9 billion market size by 2025, bolstered by an influx of modern travel start-ups and changing trends.

Let us take a look at the top travel start-ups of India, whose unique concepts are reshaping the travel scene in the country:

Oyo Rooms- Aggregator of Hotel Chains


Gone are the days of overpaying for hotels and not getting the ensured quality for the price you pay with Oyo Rooms. It works together with existing hotels and offers vacant rooms at a cheaper price to their customers. Oyo Rooms was founded by 21-years old Ritesh Agarwal. Since inception, the company has been at the forefront of getting venture capital investment in the travel-based start-up space in the country.

The Unhotel Co- Offering Offbeat Accommodation


The Unhotel Co was launched in the year 2016 for those travels who are not just interested in a tailor-made vacation, but they also want to involved nuances to their getaways. It offers offbeat accommodation, uncommon trips and treks, and immersive events to the premiums domestic customer and modern global travellers.

Travel Triangle- Personalized Travel Package Provider


Travel Triangle connects worldwide travellers with various local and expert travel agents. Here, travellers can select personalize and book the best travel packages made as per their taste and need. The company has grown bigger and better and today have an office of their own in the US also. Present-day, Travel Triangle leads over 2 lacks of happy travellers across the world each year.

goMowgli- Hop-on-Hop-Off Buses Service


goMowgli brings the concept of hop-on-hop-off buses. The company has a fleet of buses across different states; travellers can easily buy a pass for a fixed number of days. Earlier, this concept was only in the West. It allows you to jump on a bus and get off at a destination of your choice without having to be bound by fixed plans.

SeekSherpa- Connecting Travellers with Local Folk


Presenting a unique platform, SeekSherpa connects you with the local people in the city you are heading to. The company hires these “sherpas” after a thorough background check and offers various itineraries from heritage walks, photography tours to sightseeing. SeekSherpa caters to the specific needs of travellers who love to mingle with local folk.

Beyond Travel- Travel Experience Sharing Platform


A Bangalore based start-up; Beyond Travel offers over 100 unforgettable travel experiences from 40 countries across the world. With Beyond Travel, travellers can get different travel experiences varying from wildlife adventures, houseboat explorations, deep-sea diving in, etc. The company was founded by Vikram Ahuja.

Trip38- Real-time Local Content Provider


By combining the power of mobile and travel, Trip38 offers superior consumer experienced in terms of local content once your booking conformed. This is a mobile-first travel technology solution provider focused on how travellers explore destinations. Trip38 works all across the world and provides real-time local content irrespective of how and where the booking is done.

Routofy- Online Travel Portal


Providing users with unique and visionary travel experience, Routofy is an online travel portal. It combines flights, trains, buses and cabs to provide users a coordinated travel itinerary for their journey. The route-planning services of Routofy allow people to know ‘how to reach’ any desired destination and select a suitable route based on cost, duration of journey and availability.

Tripvillas- Presents Spacious Family Home


Tripvillas is an online platform that allows people to book Holiday Homes and Homestay instead of Hotels and Resorts. With the company, travellers get to stay in large spacious family homes in a beautiful place. Tripvillas was launched in late 2009 by Roshan D’Silva. Initially, Roshan wanted to create an online platform where owners of private homes can easily create a profile for their property and the people, who would be interested in staying in their homes would contact them through the site.

Tripoto- Supporting in Creating Itineraries for Trip

TripotoTripoto is a Delhi-based start-up; it allows users to create itineraries for their upcoming trips. The company aims to help people plan their trip by taking advice and inspiration from other travellers. It does not only reduce the stress and anxiety coming with travel planning but also take on in an awesome destination that you have never explored.

So these are the successful travel start-ups who are writing their success stories and getting popularity, rapidly undergoing expansion and leading to huge profits.

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