Ebazar.ninja’s expertise makes you comfortable while purchasing process

The founder chats with The CEO Magazine:

TCM:How did you start out as an entrepreneur?

I will have to jump a decade back to answer that question because that is when I embarked upon my journey as an entrepreneur. I was introduced to the marketing sector during my first job at a young age of 16 years.  Catching up on my zeal, I decided to venture into my own business and since then I have never looked back.

TCM:Tell us something about your venture?

Ebazar.ninja is an e-commerce enterprise. We started out with 3 co-founders last year in July 2015. At present, we are now 60 plus members strong team and have been expanding exponentially. The USP of our enterprise is that we have focused on process innovation and not product innovation.

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Recognizing that the virtual customer base is expanding and the big shots of the market is experiencing these economies of scale, our firm tries to simplify the purchase process for our customers and make experience a comfortable one. To put it other way, we want our first time customers to become life time customers by providing them fine services throughout the engagement.

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TCM:What were your initial challenges while starting out? What are milestones of the journey in terms of challenges, opportunities and threats?

Entrepreneurship implies challenges. Since I was a marketing expert, there were hundreds of new things and problems that I encountered every day. However, speaking broadly, the primary challenge was of course technology. We decided to have in-house software for cost reduction as well as data security purposes. At present, our firm has achieved this objective. Trust me minor changes are a part and parcel of this process. Next challenge was recruitment of competitive personnel.

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We did not want out employee attrition rate to be high. At Ebazar, we therefore, choose to work like a family. Cautious efforts are made to make our people feel home. Another challenge was reducing the cost of marketing campaigns while raising the conversion rate. Here, my decade long experience in marketing was a great help. The list is long but the next most important challenge was product selection. For a self-funded company like Ebazar, it is extremely important to be wise with campaign management and choose the products for the same.

TCM:How do you overcome challenges?

It was not that tough for me as I come from a Marketing background but yes some initial inhibitions were there. By in depth research on current online market scenario soon those challenges became reason of confidence. It was a transition time for me.

Any tip to success for today’s youth?

I just want to say one thing that to stay focus. Think about your goal and then make a blue print. Success is not a matter of single day but it is investments of years that give you a success route.

TCM:What three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

Patience- It is the virtue of a successful human being.

Optimistic Approach- Every time we are not going to have positive environment and sometimes we are have negativity all around and at time an optimistic approach is required.

Passion- As mentioned earlier goal orientation has to be there and along with that a passion to achieve that goal.

TCM:Tell me some of your favorite pastime?

In my mind my thoughts are spinning to how to increase business. Apart from I do like to meditate and have a stroll for easing myself.

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