The sector of telematics is rapidly transforming and growing with an amplified number of software and connectivity components.

The automotive sector today has evolved with several controlling systems with predominant growth in functionality i.e. based on the consumer, driving and connectivity requirements. A fundamental revolution is awaiting the trends of the emerging technology and further impetus is being provided to augment the growth of companies fully realizing the initiatives and the efficiencies of ‘everything smart’.

Merits in initiatives are being sourced by innovative leaders. One such being one of the leading companies in the telematics industry, ANS IT India Pvt. Ltd provides tracking solutions in the combination of tracking hardware, white-label tracking, and fleet management software, installation and maintenance services, and limitless software support. With the view to benefit society with the best telematics solutions, Mr. Shyamal Soni developed the best telematics solutions in the company to resolve the gaps between the industries.


Mr. Shyamal Soni is at present serving as Director & Product Developer of ANS IT India Pvt. Ltd. He is the man behind the triumphs of the corporation, from where it began; he completely transformed ANS into a successful telematics solution providing venture. Earlier, after placing the stepping stones of the company, Mr. Amol Soni (Founder Director) imparted his methodical knowledge on the various processes dealing with machinery and the IT sector. His years of experience and erudition helped ANS in becoming the substantial brand name that it is today.


Apart from its solutions and products, ANS IT INDIA provides dedicated, 24/7 support service to its clients for all the software and hardware related queries. They ensure providing customization in the product according to the client’s needs and satisfy them with the best suitable solution for their business.

Shyamal further adds, “The company deals in two types of tracking solution, one is mobile application based, which requires no hardware and second is through the hardware. We provide different solutions for the distinct needs of the clients like RFID solution, personnel tracker solution, and work solutions, to name a few.”

There are more than 8 verticals that the company is serving through its software which are vehicle tracking system, waste collection system, delivery desk – consignment tracking system, personal tracking, field force tracking system – employee tracking, school bus tracking system, milk collection system, and travel bus system.

ANS IT INDIA has grown more than 200 times every year and achieved every milestone with the help of highly qualified engineers and good teamwork. A promising client culture is built by guaranteeing to address the needs of various segments like Municipal Corporation for waste collection, child safety for school, fleet management to transporters and other fleet owners, employee transport and sales force tracking for corporate.


Shyamal states, “A city is said to be a ‘Smart City’ when it incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance the quality and performance of urban services and infrastructures to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs.”

While working with the IT industry on telematics solutions, they came to know about the challenges that are being faced by the local municipal authorities and civilians like waste management, traffic management, transportation, water supply management and many more like these. They started developing systems to reduce the gaps and overcome the challenges.

Telematics, a subset of the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) offers large opportunities to minimize the negative impacts of transportation like environmental pollution, energy consumption, congestion, accidents, and infrastructure construction costs. Arrangements like Traffic Management, Vehicle Health & Diagnostics, Water Supply Management, and Waste Management can prove to be of great help.

“The thing that would accelerate the benefits of smart city planning would be the application of a wide range of electronics and digital technologies to communities and cities”, asserts Shyamal.


There are a number of sectors on which the impact of smart city planning and ‘internet of things’ would be clearly visible like adequate water supply, assured electricity supply, sanitation, including solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, affordable housing, especially for the poor, robust it connectivity and digitalization, good governance, especially e-governance and citizen participation, sustainable environment, safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly, and health and education.

The local municipal authorities and civilians are largely benefited from these smart city solutions and IoT helps all the communities and cities in building a congregated network, bringing together these solutions and domains on a single foundational network platform.


Shyamal shares, “The future of smart cities is sustainable intelligent communities where the citizens, employers and the government work together constructively to produce regional energy that can be either consumed or supplied to local networks, using local resources and consumed on an as needs basis.”

These constructively executed blueprints are planned meticulously by the company keeping in mind the risks and challenges associated with the smart city planning like Technology challenges with coverage and capacity, Digital security, Legislation and policies, Lack of confidence or reluctance shown by citizens (lack of clarity around benefits), Funding and business models, Interoperability, Existing infrastructure for energy, water and transportation systems.


ANS IT India Pvt. Ltd has been proudly achieving several milestones and awards on their way. They worked for the first time in the government sector in 2012 and achieved their 2nd milestone by serving high-quality products and services to SMC and crossed 300 marks in a month. The company started serving big corporate fishes by 2016 and the turning point came for them when they got the opportunity to be associated with brand names like IOCL, AMC, etc. through which they accomplished the largest service and support network all over India.

They were awarded the “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award”, in 2018 by International Achievers and recognized as “20 Most Promising Fleet and Vehicle Tracking Solution providers”, then again in 2019, International Achievers recognized them as “International Gold Star Award for Business Excellence”.

ANS IT India Pvt. Ltd in the future is looking forward to many plans executing the development of a new seamless tracking system by taking the help of Indian satellites. They aim to become a trusted Telematics hub and to serve the Society & Industry with the best comprehensive solutions by fixing the unbeatable safety & management challenges and filling lives with joy and harmony.

“Ensure that the solutions provided can overcome all the challenges and needs of the local municipal authorities, can benefit the civilians and properly manage everything”,

 Shyamal Soni.

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