Upgraded Biometrics – A convenience or an obstacle?

Upgraded Biometrics – A convenience or an obstacle?

It is said that everything in this universe comes with some advantages and dis advantages, we buy things keeping in mind weather the features of an object will be good or the drawbacks will be heavier. items or objects hardly comes with the commitment that whether advantages will be needed or to modify the disadvantages will work.

What the world demands in 21st century is convenience at our doorsteps, finger tips and are ready to spend money on the best versions which will be first in the row in terms of features, technology, comfort, ease, safety, authenticity and minimum exposure to risk and threats. Biometrics, which was once invented as a technology is now proving as a comfort and has entered in every lives. The medium can be different but an under developing nation or a developed nation is incomplete without biometric technology. Every now and then with the current innovations adding something to this technology biometrics has till now covered far unexplored subjects and territories but some questions are still under the black headlines and the world expects answers above it.

1. Fact that biometric data of a human being needs to be renewed or re checked in every two years as the facial symmetries or the biometric characteristics of a human being changes with the course of time. Under the new security policy adoption by governments in every developed or developing country, facial authentication will be done of every passenger at the main entry gate of Airports, railway Stations & other public services booths which will ensure the correct person is traveling but this data too needs to be renewed or re checked in after every 2 years which took us back too the same conclusion that the whole process of authentication needs to be re processed in every 2 to 3 years. According to experts, collecting biometrics from anyone after 2 years of age is a solved problem, however still a challenge.

2. Can biometric sensors be small enough to be transported or can be used at the most remote areas? Their are certain equipments which are necessary to be installed with biometric sensors and machines to complete the biometric authentication process but due to geographical conditions and limited availability of some essantial machines restricts to complete the process. let’s take an example, AADHAR verification process requires a computer system, finger, iris scanner machines, electricity back up and some other equipments which restricts its use in some remote areas where we experience power cuts and other kinds of problems or we can say the verification process was held in those places where these kinds of facilities were available. Occasionally it becomes difficult to transport every electronic item which further acts as a problem. There are still a part of population in this world those who are are not legally registered under the government’s biometric system and suffers lack of identification. This non identification is a major risk of cross border illegal trafficking of people. So the question is, “how can we reach to the most remote people”?

3. We are still not able to win over the environmental factors which affects working of a biometric machine. It is always adviced to install the biometric & access control machines in a relatively cool and clean environment. Different kinds of weather, sudden changes in heat, rain, wind strokes & extreme cold conditions affects the functioning of the machines.

However countries like India & China are the topmost Asian Countries those who are spending well in the field of Biometrics and as we have mentioned in point 1 with the term “Solved Problems” the authorities are available with the justifications over it but answers are still needs to be find out. It is estimated that by 2022 scientists & researchers will be able to deliver some favourable results over these topics. With this let’s hope to have a secure and well versed world to live with sound & safe survelliance technology.

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