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DigiStreet Media, a leading advertising agency has recently executed the 360-degree communication campaign for Nasaka Water Purifiers, a unit of Okaya group. With the objective of standing out in the crowd, to seed an idea in the simplest of ways and to create a fantastic brand recall – Nasaka with its new range of RO Water Purifiers stepped up to overhaul the communication and the overall brand outlook.

As a fresh player in an already aggresively competitive industry segment, Nasaka had to put not just it’s best foot forward, but also the right one. “The idea was to stand out in the RO water purifier industry, with a more responsible brand recall than being just another RO water purifier seller ” says Mr. Arush Gupta, the Director of Nasaka Pvt. Ltd. (Okaya Group) on his thoughts of re-positioning Nasaka.

Interestingly enough, DigiStreet was taken onboard as the creative & Digital advertising agency, after Darpan Sharma (CEO, DigiStreet) elaborated a 15-minute window for an online discussion into a 2 hour meeting with Arush , to bring in the entire account of Nasaka. “We decoded that the brand desires to be eponymous to health, which was the key DNA for all of us to think upon,” says Darpan Sharma, CEO of DigiStreet Media as he reflects upon the strategy that envelopes TVC, print, social, digital and of course the website.

While Nasaka went through a complete brand overhaul barring the retention of previous brand colours and name, it’s go-to-market strategy was a mutual albeit an unconventional call by both  Arush  and Darpan to not focus on the re-branding projection, but to launch Nasaka by seeding a unique campaign communication that provides an opportunity for Nasaka to enter the consumer mindshare.

“In the case of Nasaka, it was about how the Indian cultural and traditional values creates biases in our everyday decisions. So much that sometimes the power of belief even trumps health related decisions,” shares Sushant Sharma (Head- Creative, DigiStreet). Tapping into the insight, along with Sourav Ghosh (Sr. Visualizer, DigiStreet) the team amalgamated healthy water with cultural beliefs to come up with an alliteration of the predominantly spoken blessing: ‘Jugg Jugg Piyo’

“While all the factors of health, water, longevity were accounted for, the weight we have put on the idea was not coming out well with the TVC. Suddenly that one famous personality came to my mind who had the credibility and respect to bring this campaign to life. And it was none other than Alok Nath ji, who has lived under the skin of the character synonymous with sanskar, who brought the gravitas into our campaign with his palm raised: ‘Jugg Jugg Piyo’”, says Darpan on Nasaka’s TVC, whose script in essence is the very campaign concept. Adding cherry on top was the decision to spread the health blessing to India on 22nd March – World Water Day.’ Most importantly, it was the faith  Arush has put in  our team, that eventually made everything happen. I hope the idea and overall efforts gets the desired reception and we all as a team keep walking the vision of Health the brand is eyeing upon.


Client: Nasaka (Okaya Group)
Creative Agency: DigiStreet Media
CEO: Darpan Sharma
Creative Head: Sushant Sharma
Senior Visualizer: Sourav Ghosh
Account management: Kavish Arora
Executive Producer: Atulan Das Gupta
Director of Photography: Vijay Tomar

About DigiStreet Media

DigiStreet Media is Digital Agency with a Creative strong-arm.

It is our extensive background research and creative brainstorming that become the bricks and mortar for building that sound strategy which the clients are enticed to approve of.

Unlike the respected elders of advertising who stick to their preconceived notions wrapped in a cocoon of superiority and self-devotion, we as an agency and individuals embrace the inventiveness and evolution of ideas, stretching the boundaries of creativity constantly.

Digital Advertising and Social Media was conceived and born right alongside our own generation, and DigiStreet Media shouldered by a young brigade understands and adapts to technological innovations much more quickly than our age-old competitors.

In span of half a decade, we have worked with Brands – Surya Roshini- Fans, Lights and Home appliances, IMT Ghaziabad, Okaya Group, Dewan Breweries, Waves InfraTech, Kairali Ayurveda, JUMP USA, Rohto Pharma India to mention few. Agency is also featured in Top marketing agencies by Silicon India 2015 and listed under most admired agency by Insights Success in 2016.

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