Software Development is much more than what people think.


 Software Development is much more than what people think.

Technical world has evolved very fast in last one decade. People doubt if the next generation shall even require to code or that most of the software development will also become automatic by doing it all with just drag and drop. Machine Learning and IoT are yet two another big changes world will witness soon. Successful implementation of these technologies may change the earth up and down. This all looks scary and exciting at the same time. Such drastic changes in technical trends afraid professionals about security of their professional future. We at TheCEO keep a watch on such evolution and keep meeting and interviewing industry experts for sharing technology trends with our readers.


Dhananjay Pratap Singh, Lead Member PHP CMS at Yugasa Software Labs says that front end technologies unlike earlier, have now moved ahead to be more than just HTML and CSS. Trends have changed dramatically in recent past. Most people prefer using their mobile phones for accessing internet and opening websites. Hence there is a definite need for user friendly, simple and faster websites. And all this is dependent on the client-side development. Professionals have to be versatile in their learning. Easier PHP CMSs like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are not far off from a frontend developer’s reach. Spending good time with these CMSs along with HTML, CSS and Javascript can turn a developer into a full stack professional. Singh says that he meets professionals at times who show their concern about their future growth. “To every such developer, I suggest that everyone has his own piece of cake in this ever growing industry. It is important that one should keep ready for adapting new learning. The day a developer stops learning, his career graph starts falling.

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While talking about full stack development, Ankit Tiwari, Lead Member MEAN Stack Affairs at Yugasa Software Labs shared that JS is the future in all respects. The concept of MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js) stack can be used to develop web applications with the knowledge of JavaScript. MeteorJS has come with a beautiful concept of handling both client-side and server-side development and we have been fortunate enough to work on both MEAN and MeteorJS at Yugasa, Tiwari said. It is important now a days and is indeed easy for developers to act as Full Stack Developers by learning angular JS, node js, jquery, React, Sass. Knowledge of material design and ability to handle Interface Design and user experience is like icing on the cake in ones career.


Sohan at Yugasa is steering Full Stack Platforms for building Hybrid Mobile Apps by using Ionic Framework. Sohan, who is in deep love with Cricket, was when asked about latest technical trends said that it is evolving very fast. “No one had ever thought a decade earlier that a score of 300+ was possible in ODI Cricket matches. Aggressiveness has doubled in almost every profession. Similarly in the primitive era, people used to hire a specialist to perform a task. But now the computing world has changed. Customers look for such developers who know both backend and frontend. Frameworks like Ionic and ReactNative have elevated it to yet next level. Frontend developers who have shown their interest in constant learning have now stepped on to developing mobile apps using Hybrid platforms. 

“The Managers Trio” said that it indeed depends on what kind of company are you working with. If you are working in a product based company having an old product which is based on older technology then learning newer trends will be difficult. Contrary to that, service based consultancy firms are technology driven and provide ample opportunities to learn more and that too in very quick way.


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