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The Ozone Group of companies is one of India’s fast-emerging healthcare and consumer products player in the market today. At a time when there is a plethora of synthetic products flooding the beauty and skin care market, the Ozone Group announced its entry into the Organic Skincare Segment with the launch of the specialized Ozone Professional Range offering the right, natural and plant-based skin care routine that is essential for healthy looking skin across different skin conditions and age groups. The company believes in unleashing the age old secrets of our rich history & providing beauty solutions to a woman through the science behind traditional herbs & other natural ingredients.

The brand created by Ozone Ayurvedics received the “Mera Brand” Award of the year in the anti-marks crème category in 2008 in the 5th annual Consumer World Award (CWA).

The Group also includes – Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. that was incorporated in 1991 with a keen desire and aspiration to serve humanity through the finest quality medicaments. They have put up two ultramodern and high-tech manufacturing units in Himachal Pradesh (Baddi) and Assam (Guwahati) using State-of-the-art technology in production, quality control and packaging.

It is a formulation based drug manufacturing and marketing company with a focus on prescription drugs in the areas of Pain Management, Nutritional Supplements, Anti-infectives, Vascular Management, Chronic Disease management like Cardiac and Diabetes and Hemostats. Ozone Pharma has mainly two specialized divisions named as Proton and Nucleus with more than 1000 field personnel who are promoting product and brand to a range of specialties including Cardiologists, Diabetologist, Orthopedics, Gynecologists, Surgeons, and Physicians across India and Nepal.

Given the perennial urge to look good, Ozone’s cosmeceutical products seem to have an assured market and future. More important, Ozone has proved that one can successfully straddle the Ayurvedic and the allopathic markets.

The OSCAR Institute Private Ltd. is a subsidiary of OZONE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The OZONE Group of Companies came into existence in the year 1991, with the sole purpose of making ‘Star Class’ products for people from all walks of life. The Group addresses the challenge of: prevention of the ill effects of the environmental degradation; protection against existing and emerging infectious diseases and chronic diseases and aims to fight youth unemployment in vulnerable groups and provide livelihood skills development to unemployed rural youth and women in India, addressing a collective security of a better life for all.

Oscar Institute has good Infrastructure, Lecture Rooms, trade specific practical lab, and state-of-the-art Training Centres. The training sessions are conducted at the New Delhi Training Center and also at many other states, in both urban as well as Rural areas across India.

The Ozone Group markets its products across several countries globally. It has one more corporate office at UK, and collectively employs over 1500 people.

Ozone group, an established player in Pharmaceuticals and consumer health care segments, has joined hands with government in a unique PPP with an SPV model to facilitate setting up of the Megafood Park Project near Guwahati (NEMFPL), with a view to enhance infrastructure for food processing for benefit of the farmers and food processing industry of North East Region.

This activity would be integrated nationally by collecting the industrial produce of Packaged food from different  States and after due evaluation of quality, packing  and marketing through local distributors under the banner of NEMFPL, therefore, consumer are likely to have higher accessibility of  more variety and a better quality national produce of packaged food and spices.  This way local people are   likely to be benefitted two ways -one they get easy access to products from other states within the state as all food products are not indigenous to NORTH EAST and secondly packaged food of North East would reach out to consumers nationally through this channel

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