STARLINK: Top Features Of The Time Web App

STARLINK: Top Features Of The Time Web App

When you think of a professional or a corporate employee, the picture that comes to your mind is someone who is smartly dressed taking a flight to a business meeting overseas with a mobile in hand trying to work on the move. Most of this image you have in mind is a reality as many organizations are using the latest technology to create a working environment through a virtual office that is flexible and employee-friendly. There is one aspect that’s still work in progress and that is logging time and leave management as there is no way to gauge the actual productivity. However, the latest app for Time and leave management like Time Web App has automated processes and features that improve productivity and efficiency to Manage Attendance, leave management, manage work hours and overtime.

 Manage Attendance: This is the most important and the most obvious feature that a time management app should have. Time Web App captures the attendance and the time clocked by the user by capturing the in and out time. If you are in the office, you can have magnetic card readers, biometric scanners, to keep a record of working hours. If the employee is working out of the country the mobile app will have in-built features to work in line with the particular country’s office hours. The employees can also see their time performance and take measures to improve the work timing. If there are any errors, request for correction can be made so that there are no issues during payroll processing.

 Leave Management: Applying for leaves is very easy using this app. Once the leave is submitted, the request is either approved or disapproved by the supervisor, and the status is displayed. The leave balances are auto-calculated as per the company policy, and you can also view the ‘leave’ history on the Time Web App. Every employee will be able to access the app, track leave status, view attendance record, their Profile, raise correction request, Apply Leave, login Overtime hours, view the holiday calendar, using the software. They can set their password so that the data is accessible only by the manager and the concerned employee.

 Manage Work Hours: Another great feature of Time Web app is that it has geographic tracking where it uses the GPS to track an employee’s attendance, location, time and the number of billable hours. That not only ensures human resources control but also improves productivity and makes savings for the company. Apart from tracking and monitoring an employee it also helps to manage work by providing alerts, managing schedules and notify overtime and much more.

Time Web app is a mobile workforce management app which helps improve productivity and also increase employee satisfaction as it automates the processes involved in managing the workforce and eliminates manual errors due to wrong interpretation of pay rules related to overtime, around hours that the employee has worked for and also the pay rates. Any organization using this app can also easily integrate this Time and leave management app with other third-party systems like the ERPs and the biometrics.

Time Web App helps improve your productivity, and you can be rest assured that the organization is recognizing your performance as an employee.

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