Speedo India was Elated to be a Partner of the Sunkissed Aqua Zumba® Tour

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<b>Sunkissed Aqua Zumba® Tour Powered by Speedo</b>“></td>
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<b>Sucheta Pal & Richard Gromley at Sunkissed Aqua Zumba® Tour Powered by Speedo</b>“></p>
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  • Aqua Zumba® Tour is associated with internationally acclaimed Zumba® presenters Sucheta Pal and Richard Gormley.
  • Sucheta Pal and Richard Gormley gave Mumbai and Gurgaon the much-needed cooling from the summer heat with their exclusive Aqua Zumba workout sessions 

Zumba, the largest branded dance-fitness workout of the world already has a loyal fan following across the country. Being an energetic format and full of fun it has a tendency to draw out the more colorful side of people. Aqua Zumba takes the same principle of Zumba® on land and combines it with the science of aquatic exercise in the swimming pool, thus making it a huge calorie burner and loads of fun! What’s more, the buoyancy of water also keeps your joints safe and is ideal for people who have injuries on their knees or ankles.

Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand, has been on its mission of encouraging consumers to change their fitness routine and swap the gym for a swim as part of their #GetSpeedoFit campaign, as Shamir Genomal Chief Strategy Officer at Speedo India explains further, “The #GetSpeedoFit drive is about taking your workout to the next level by pushing your limits in the water. Aqua workouts allow you to burn as many calories per hour as jogging or cycling while minimizing chances of injury. Speedo is committed to helping individuals maximize the effectiveness of their swim workouts. Speedo has introduced a line of technologically advanced swimwear which helps in shaping the body and improving physical and athletic performance in the pool. Thus partnering with Sucheta and Richard for their Aqua Zumba tour in Mumbai and Gurgaon cities seemed a perfect fit for us!”

Aqua workouts are one of the best ways to get fit, and with the onset of summer it’s the best time to urge everyone to take the plunge and jump into the pool. The Aqua Zumba session in Mumbai and Gurgaon powered by Speedo received more than 200 Zumba enthusiasts making their way on a weekend to the pool to move to Sucheta’s and Richard’s guided Zumba workout.


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