ShiftKarado is making its way to achieve turnover of 50 Cr, with help from Star Worldwide Group


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ShiftKarado is making its way to achieve turnover of 50 Cr, with help from Star Worldwide Group

18th March 2019: The Gurugram-based packing and moving startup, ShiftKarado has been hitting the headlines ever since it has stepped into the relocation industry with tech-oriented solutions revolutionising the ways it works. Grabbing another headline, ShiftKarado has announced that Star Worldwide will offer it full-fledged support in terms of funding and mentorship to this innovative startup with a purpose to encourage reformation in the highly fragmented industry.

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Bringing innovation and efficiency to the industry that had long been deprived of the groundbreaking development of technology and proper organisation, ShiftKarado began its journey with cutting-edge technologies like A.I. and Big Data. And, it’s the vision of the company to change the face of the industry and debunk the myth of relocation and logistics industry being a low-skilled sector that has won this startup a huge appreciation and vital support from the industry giant Star Worldwide Group.

This brownie point with international market players is relevant as this is the time when ShiftKarado is aggressively working on business expansion and service portfolio diversification to achieve the annual turnover of 50 Cr by FY20-21. Though in this fiscal year, it has already achieved a high single-digit turnover in relatively shorter tenure, the goal is to obtain higher sales in the succeeding quarters to come.  Delivering customers a trouble-free experience through its mobile application and best-in-class relocation solutions, it is now setting its eyes on achieving 3000 shifting enquiries a week for which relentless efforts and multiple resources will be required.

On this, Sahil Mithal, the Architect and Technical Lead, commented “I would like to express thanks and gratitude to Star Worlwide for their kind support. I’m feeling proud of my team that such an esteemed market leader is lauding their hard work and efforts. With the experience, expertise and guidance of Star Worldwide, we are quite sure that we soon would be able to achieve our turnover goals as well as bring innovation and reformation to the relocation sector.”

Star Worldwide, as a responsible corporate citizen of the nation, is setting an example for other well-established market leaders that they should also uplift the startups and collaborate with them to pave the way for growth and development of the entire industry.


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