ROI with Biometrics

ROI with Biometrics

Using automated attendance systems not only brings ease and convenience in your office but also helps in reducing miscellaneous expenses and contributes in returns to your organization.

Moving from paper time table sheets to an electronic time and attendance system could help your business to save decent capital each year. While a company spends typically INR 150 to 500 per employee per month, the savings you gain here in return can support you in outweighing other expenses.

According to sources, businesses can save money in various ways by using digital and biometric time and attendance equipment. One of the ways can be by cutting out lost time due to inaccurate clock-in and clock-out times. For example, while an employee can leave from work at 4:50 PM, they may enter in the log tables that they left at 5 PM, While they may have taken 40 minutes for lunch one day, they may write down that they took 30 minutes lunch break. Biometric time and attendance systems eliminate this type of false attendance punches and ensure that employees are only paid for time they are actually at work.

It also phases out the need for staff to inspect all the data transfer into the data capture system. This marks relaxation for those employees to work on other operations. Inclusion to this, it cuts down human errors from the task of payroll related failures.

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