QNET Establishes Itself as a Market Leader by Inching the Success Ladder

Business Wire IndiaAsia is currently is the leader in having top direct selling companies which are also involved in offering business opportunities to people and help them in earning extra bucks through selling the company’s product. Among all the major companies, QNET is the leading company operating from Hong Kong and having a customer base across 30 countries.

Understanding Direct Selling:

In simple words, Direct selling is a method used by companies to set a distribution channel for the products or services directly to customers. There is no traditional retail location. Presently, there are a variety of distribution methods, multilevel marketing, and network marketing.

With the rise of technology marketing innovation and relaxation of capitalism has triggered the rise of this industry. An established company calls its network “Independent Representatives” Under this, there are different customers- Retail Customers, Potential IRs and Existing IRs.

Recognized People are Great Assets:

For a company, its employees and customers are the biggest asset. A direct selling company having a huge customer base and distributors carries a huge burden of having an asset.

Generally, this direct selling company engages more than 1000 employees across the globe and its products shipped to more than 100 countries. They deliver products that aim to improve the health, ambitions, respectability, finances, and popularity of customers. The main aim for any such company is to keep up the loyalty with its customers and partners.

The Success Growth:

A company that has been serving for years, has witnessed a massive growth. Be it health, holiday, counseling, and other areas, the absolute living with stories, healthcare products and other domains has helped million in turning their lives successful.

These wellness companies work under a very rigid legal system that makes their products and workflow competitive and admissible. A well structured MLM business that also integrates a compensation plan for all IRs, is unlike the other Ponzi schemes and pyramid models that you would normally come across. The products of the company currently include popular items like Nutriplus, Amezcua, Physio Radiance, Biosilver, Argan Care, Chairos, Bio-Disc and more. Further, there is a wide range of travel and fashion products that have been bought across the globe.

The company recognizes ‘people’ to be its greatest assets and believes that they alone can help reinstate the credentials of the business.
About QNET

QNET is a part of the multi-million dollar Q1 group of companies and sells a variety of health, fashion, lifestyle, and travel products across 30 countries across the globe. Been in this industry for more than 19 years, the company has successfully spread its wings to different countries and helped customers from 100 countries to establish their business. Be it in India or any country in the Asia, QNET celebrates ethnic and cultural diversity.


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