Phonon’s Chatbot to Help Banks, Fund Houses, Insurers and Telecom Companies with Aadhaar Linking Process

Business Wire IndiaPhonon Communications, provider of India’s largest loan bot, announced the launch of a new chatbot with Aadhaar validation capabilities. “Aadhaar Bot” is an AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot which can be integrated with websites, mobile apps, SMS campaigns and social media pages of service providers. The chatbot allows for near instant Aadhaar validation. It can be white-labelled to match company branding and can be securely hosted on either company or Phonon server.

With over 50 crore mobile numbers and 25 crore estimated bank accounts still to be linked with Aadhaar, the service aims to help telecom and BFSI companies who are struggling to get customers to submit their Aadhaar details on time. Service providers foresee the potential closure of millions of accounts and phone numbers post the deadline which could significantly hit their toplines and profitability.
The deadline for linking Aadhaar with bank accounts, mobile number and other Aadhaar-linked services has been extended up till March 31, 2017 as per the latest Supreme Court order.
Ujwal Makhija, Managing Director, Phonon Communications said, “Linking millions of bank accounts, insurance policies, mutual fund portfolios and mobile numbers with Aadhaar in such a short time is proving to be a logistical nightmare for businesses. With Aadhaar Bot, telecom and BFSI sector companies can save precious time and resources by automating the whole Aadhaar linking process.”
At present, the linking for bank accounts, mutual funds portfolios and insurance policies is being carried out at the local branches of banks and financial services company or via internet/ mobile banking. Telecom customers meanwhile have to submit Aadhaar card proofs manually at registered outlets of telecom providers for the same.
About Phonon

Phonon is a pioneer in the field of automated customer interaction solutions. It serves major airlines, travel and leisure companies, banks, insurers, financial services enterprises and web portals of India and GCC countries. It is home to India’s largest loan bot. Phonon automates 1 million+ daily customer interactions over voice, SMS and email and provides flight reschedule information to almost 60% of Indian flyers.

Phonon’s solution portfolio includes: Chatbots, Click-to-Call™, SMS-to-Call, DealerConnect™, CCNow™, Automated Outbound Unified Communication Systems and an aviation focused suite of services under the brand, 22North™. Phonon’s solutions and products are designed to boost topline, reduce costs and ensure customer delight.


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