Led by Nitin Khanna, an automobile enthusiast from childhood, Mechanical & Automations graduate and an entrepreneur by heart, in roles of founder and CEO, launched MotorHunk in April 2018 under the parent company KK Motors, post understanding the dependant nature of Indians on ‘experts’ when it comes to buying auto parts.

Today, the problems that Indians face are lack of a way to select or find a relevant product on any of the existing e-commerce platforms in India, with no trust point for the people in the after-sales market of cars and bikes. Due to lack of technical knowledge, often local vendors take untold advantage of the clients in terms of product quality, limited options and price. The investment of time from their busy schedules to get this work done remains a crucial point as they don’t get these facilities at their doorstep.

Having mentioned that, the need for a solution arises and MotorHunk comes into the picture here, as a platform designed to offer complete confidence to the users while buying a product. Indeed, a saviour of automobile enthusiasts, the brand differentiates itself from local vendors with the online offerings and from the other e-commerce platforms with its ability to offer expert styling guidance and information on product’s authenticity for their vehicle and most suitable products designed for different generations of the car. 


“Till date, Indians do not believe in DIY or Do It Yourself approach when it comes to technical work. Thus, when it comes to automobiles, people still prefer to go to some nearby stores or vendors to get the work done in their vehicles. On the other hand, the automobile sector after-sales still works in a very traditional manner. MotorHunk came into existence to work on the key idea of these questions and answers:

Why?  We are here to increase the product knowledge of our customers & educate them to buy a reliable product (right price, right fitment, and right quality) for their vehicles.

How? We had listed the handpicked catalogue of products on our portal for multiple brands which our users can buy from a predefined set of filters and database mapped to it, for filtering the right product for their vehicle.

What? We deal in all kinds of after-sales accessories or OEM replacements of passenger vehicle in both the segments of 4-Wheeler & 2-Wheeler which will eventually help the user to have a peace of mind while buying a product from us,” shared the visionary himself, Nitin Khanna 


With the key principle of serving the clients with trust points and going beyond the traditional market trend and providing doorstep installation of the products that customers buy, the brand is a result of Nitin’s leadership.

From coining the idea to KK Motors back in 2015, to launching a brand “Kingsway” with the USP of delivering high-quality products to customers, to gaining experience in the industry, taking feedbacks of customers, to understanding challenges and the problems that end-user faces, Nitin overcame the hurdles and introduced “MotorHunk” in 2018 and led the brand to the position it enjoys today. The MotorHunk team continues working 24×7 to deliver its promises.


Upcoming with a new concept, MotorHunk team aims at changing the decades’ old buyer’s perspective breaking the traditional stereotype of the market. This challenge is followed by developing a database of all the cars and bikes that had been selling in India and their updated versions over the years along with a massive database of products that fits a particular model of the particular year of the car or bike to offer thousands of products across various categories to the customers in today’s time.


“Indians seek to own a bike or car as a symbol of status over a mere necessity, they spend time and money on these vehicles and choose for a route towards the online portals in search of new and unique products and avail a wide range of selection from there. Hence our approach as an online company and working into the digital era of e-commerce is focusing initially on promoting ourselves on digital platforms only,” shared Nitin

He added, “Since most of them focus on buying lower variants of cars and lower and spend additional amount to tweak up their vehicle as per the need, they look out for offline vendors for technical expertise, we are the guiding styling expert for our clientele to help them create a vehicle that represent their personalities”


The complete business model is designed and conceived with an idea of keeping the customer in prime focus. Whatever they do, will be directly connected to the customer, and focused upon making their life simpler and better.

With same targets aimed at for each person working in it, they set some value propositions for which the whole team works including knowledge (educating clients over classic direct selling), price (selling at a competitive price as compared to the existing market), assured (100% reliable price, fitment, quality), and efficient (platform will host only highly efficient, durable, and handpicked product by experts).


“The current COVID-19 pandemic, that hit the entire globe, has changed the perspective of people in present and how they are going to live their lives post COVID-19. A major outcome of the unprecedented situation, is maintaining social distance, which will impact transportation.” Nitin shared

He further shared, “The infrastructure of public transport is not a sustainable option in this scenario. One cannot maintain social distancing, furthermore, there is lack of adequate facilities, private transport becomes a safe and reliable option. Thus, we are expecting a lead increase in demand in forthcoming months and when it comes to technology for COVID–19 scenario, we offer our users an option to get the complete product range at their doorstep along with the facility of doorstep installation.”


The MotorHunk CEO, Nitin has a robust belief that they will achieve the status they are seeking and become a leading e-commerce company in their sector in the upcoming years being a growth-oriented company equipped with an aspiring team. 

The action plan for the journey ahead includes following their core values of making the customers educated and informed about the products they are going to buy. So, when they buy the products, they feel satisfied and comfortable about the fact that they had chosen the right product for their vehicle.

“At last, for readers, I would like to confirm my belief that the right set of products enhance the overall personality of the vehicle and improve the overall lifespan of vehicle.”

Nitin Khanna

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