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MindHour, one of the fastest growing Edu-tech startups, is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, MindHour Study Tabs”, an offline self-study support offering simplified learning experience. A great help for the students of Class 6-10, ICSE and CBSE boards seeking a smart way of after-school support. It’s an ideal study mate for the gadgeteers.
Advent of MindHour Study Tabs is an ideal support for:

  • Students who are not able to access the internet. Various reports from TRAI suggest that there are many places in our country which have poor internet connectivity.
  • Parents who are not so comfortable allowing their child to use the internet since there is a possibility that they might get exposed to a lot of unwanted material. MindHour Study Tabs can act as an offline device, which ensures that parents can be absolutely tension free.

MindHour Study Tabs have been designed to provide effective and standardized content for Science, Mathematics and English even without internet connectivity.

Transforming the way students learn, MindHour Study Tab provides

  • A standardized content developed by best teachers of India.
  • Experiential multimedia tutorials in form of interactive learning videos
  • Adaptive Practice Exercises.
  • In-depth analysis reports of the tests to identify specific weakness.
  • Personalized worksheets to convert the weak areas of the child to his strength.
  • Revision notes on every Chapter.
  • Unlimited Doubt Support by expert teachers of MindHour.
  • Self-motivating platform designed through various gamification elements.

Speaking on the occasion of the product launch Mr. Sumit Marda, MindHour CEO & Co-Founder says “We believe that true learning happens when it is produced in a format and mode, the child likes to consume. It is only then that learning becomes burden free. With a paradigm shift in education, students are using tablets for the purpose of learning. With the growing technology, study tabs have transformed the learning procedure of modern age students. Hence it develops self-interest to study among children, creating an internal quest to learn. Study Tabs are the offline support for students where all the learning material is encapsulated in a 7-inch android tablet.”

The tablet would be available for pre-booking with a 25% discount. The limited period offer will be valid from 3rd May to 14th May.   About MindHour

MindHour is one of the fastest growing edutech company designed by a group of accomplished IITians to ensure students to get high marks without burden. At MindHour we achieve this by making learning extremely simple & effective, highly personalized, very experiential and funfully gamified. We offer our delivering with our three distinct products, which includes MindHour Online, MindHour Study Tabs and MindHour Classes. MindHour is designed to cater to the requirements of the students of Classes 6-10 for CBSE & ICSE boards.

Powered by 5 lakhs plus registered users, MindHour endeavours to build strong conceptual foundation of school going students. It is recognized nationally as well as globally. Presently it’s across 2000+ schools, 92+ cities, 30 offices and growing.

Delivering Values

  • MindHour aims to make burden free learning by transforming the school syllabus into experiential and personalized learning experience.
  • It makes learning simple, effective and gamified.
  • Provides with In-depth analysis report identifying exact weak area and gives the proper solution to it converting the weakness into strength.
  • Gift-Store brings in thrill and excitement in learning. Now the child wants to sit and learn out of fun and not by force or pressure.
  • Doubt Support by Expert teachers.

Website:  www.mindhour.com


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