Manage your Investments with a Single Click, Anywhere, Anytime! 

Manage your Investments with a Single Click, Anywhere, Anytime! 

A dedicated online platform that allows investors to invest, monitor and track all their mutual fund investments in a systematic and organised manner.

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Investing in the right mutual fund and managing one’s entire investment portfolio can be a mammoth task. Investors are often stacked with paperwork that they need to review periodically to enhance their investments. Losing track of these is easy in the hustle and bustle of daily lives, leading to several missed opportune moments. Solving these dilemmas and allowing for easy and effective management of mutual funds online is Fintoo.

This online platform is India’s leading module to invest and track all mutual fund investments online with a single click. It allows investors to view and invest in their mutual funds as well as monitor any transactions in real-time. A tie up with 22 leading AMCs (Asset Management Company) also offers investors instant access to leading mutual funds to start or build their portfolio. A single click can allow for a lump sum purchase to elevate investments or even opt for a monthly instalment through SIP with timely reminders. With the Fintoo online platform, investing in mutual fund investments online has become easy, organised and simply effortless.

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With this platform, investors can continuously invest in mutual funds and track their investment progress to ensure it is in line with their financial goals without having to wait for hours at end at a physical location or a helpline.





With a single click, individuals can invest a lump sum amount or pay their SIP instalment without needing to sift through complicated jargon or maintain heavy files of paperwork for each of their investments. All transactions and investments can be done online in a seamless and convenient manner.

Fintoo is India’s premier online platform for mutual fund investments. This module also allows investors to add their family members to their portfolio wherein every transaction is automatically updated across devices. The intelligent segregation feature of the platform allows for a systematic organisation of all investments based on asset and scheme allocation. With this platform, investors can be in complete control of all their investments and grow them in a consistent manner for maximal benefits. Keeping up with the digital age, the Fintoo app will soon be available on Android and iOS platforms for easy and convenient access.

The Fintoo platform has been developed by Financial Hospital, India’s known Financial & Tax Consultancy Firm, founded in 2004.

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