Is online tuition better than offline tuition at home?

Is online tuition better than offline tuition at home?

Education is considered to be very important from the perspective of Indian parents and they take every measure possible to ensure that the children secure good marks. To make sure that their children stand out in academics, the parents in addition to making the children go to the best schools also enrol them for tuitions.

At the tuition centres, the teachers help the children with their problems and also make them prepare well for the exams. For parents, these tuition centres also referred to as offline coaching centres are a blessing in disguise as these give them the reassurance that their child would be amongst the toppers in the class. In these centres, the teachers cater to many students at any given time but in the most competitive manner.

Many parents even arrange for tuition teachers who visit their homes to tutor their child on a one-to-one basis so as to gain the satisfaction that their child is getting the undivided attention of the teacher.

With tuitions becoming a rage and a trend, a new method of tutoring children at home has evolved; the online tuitions. There are a large number of online tuition sites that now operate in India to offer classes to students from the comfort of their homes.

Ziyyara Edutech is a pioneer tuition website that offers classes for students of different age groups. The online tutors are experts at their work and make sure that the students taking such classes excel in their academics.

With offline and online tuitions becoming highly popular, parents are often confused as to where to get their children enrolled.

The online tuition is considered to be a better option that the offline tuition centres because of the certain drawbacks of the offline approach to tuitions:

  • Lack of learned and quality teachers: When it comes to offline tuitions, there are only a handful of learned and quality teachers who can offer their expertise to the students. Though many teachers offer tuitions but not all of them have great abilities and potential and the required educational skills to tutor the students in the most effective manner.
  • Expensive: Because there are a handful of good teachers for specific subjects, the amount that parents have to pay for every subject is quite high. This makes offline tuitions very expensive.
  • All subjects are not taught under one roof: When it comes to offline tuitions, not all subjects may be taught by a specific tutor or under one roof and so the students may have to go from one class to another. This is a tiring process for the students.
  • Travel time and cost incurred: Offline tuitions also have an additional travel time and cost associated with them which may result in wastage of significant amount of time and also turns out to be less economical.
  • Lack of individual attention: In a tuition centre, there are many students who are being taught by the same teacher and so not all students get individual attention. This may lead to the students not getting clarity of concepts and may not be able to perform well.

Online tuitions on the other hand are considered to be better and more efficient and effective because of the following reasons:

  • Best teachers: Online tutors are experts at their task and so the students get to learn from the best teachers. In addition, the students get to choose the teachers from whom they want to study. For instance, Ziyyara Edutech has the best teachers for varied subjects like English, Maths, Science etc. and these experts know their subjects very well and can thereby offer tutoring in a very effective manner enabling students to learn efficiently.
  • One-on-one tutoring: The best thing about online tuitions is the fact that students are given one-to-one classes. This means that the student gets the complete attention of the teacher during the online class. This helps the students clear their doubts and understand a concept in a better manner.
  • Flexibility: Online tuitions offer great flexibility in the sense that the students can choose a time that suits them for the classes. In addition, the students get to study from the comfort of their homes which is an added advantage.
  • No travelling and other costs: Online tuitions allow students to study from their homes so the students do not have to go anywhere. This not only saves the efforts of students that go into travelling and also the various overhead costs.
  • Economical: Online tuitions are more economical as the students can get the best tutors under one roof and do not have to go here and there in search of good teachers. In addition, the cost is calculated on the basis of the number of sessions attended by the students which is less costly when compared to offline tuitions.
  • Effective learning: With online tuitions, students get to learn in a more effective manner because they get to revisit the concepts and the tutors also do not move to the next concept till the previous one has been cleared. In addition, the students get to solve assignments and write tests related to every concept which makes them learn in a better manner.

To conclude, online tuitions happen to be a great choice and much efficient and more economical as compared to offline tuitions. Online tuition classes offer good and optimal education to the students and prepare the students in the best possible manner to perform well in academics.

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