InventaTeq: Channelling Unemployed Indian Youth into Trained & Successful Professionals

InventaTeq: Channelling Unemployed Indian Youth into Trained & Successful Professionals

India, a country rich in terms of “head” count but not essentially the “brain” count as there is an outsized number of the population present but unskilled. The potential youngest country in the world is expected to have the highest numbers of youth population by 2020 and the unemployment rate tends to significantly rise. Headquartered at India’s largest IT hub Bangalore, Karnataka, InventaTeq has been bridging the gap between the employers and the prospect employees including the youth by equipping them with the skills they require. The focus keyword here is “skills”; InventaTeq offers skill-oriented, professional and distinct courses to students to help them yield a job and built a career.

With the increasing number of millennials, choosing a career and deciding a career appears as the greatest challenge that leaves many discouraged and drops out their dreams. InventaTeq has been a guiding light for these individuals with the right counselling at the right time. With the crucial need to intensify the employability, the institute helps individuals choose the right software course harnessing their interests with the modern teaching techniques in combination with highly reputed professionals.

The Visionary Leading InventaTeq

CEO Safura Begum. S is the one who is leading the company to the path of success with her planning and execution skills. Rooting from middle-class family background, Safura ensured that her institute helps young passionate individuals like herself achieve the best they deserve. A BSC degree holder, she identified the challenge in the market and the “technology” as a medium to overcome it. She is a true entrepreneur who shares a constant passion to learn new things and technologies to keep her updated leading the technology-based institute.

Getting Placed Via InventaTeq

InventaTeq has provided quality and project-based training for 1000’s of students and support them to get there dream job with its placement program. HP, Flipkart, IMS HEALTH, TCS, Sandisk, JPMORGAN, ITC, Infortech, HCL, Lenovo are prominent names from the 100s of companies that have recruited from InventaTeq campus. With an excellent placement percentage of 91%, students at InventaTeq have been placed at the various small, mid-sized and MNC companies with an average package of 6 Lacs per annum while they have also been placed in companies with the highest package of 14 Lacs per annum.

One-Stop Solution

Specializing in consulting, training and placement, the company offers a “one-stop solution” to its clientele. The brand works with advanced courses content including videos, assignments and installation guides for software programs while every mentor is focused on guiding their batch with exclusive guidance. InventaTeq prepares the youth to be a part of a specific industry as they are trained with industry-specific projects including banking, retail, healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce, and sports. With the constant support and motivation from her friends and family, she has been a true entrepreneur implementing her new ideas and directing the employees.

Initial Challenges in Start-up Journey

Every start-up by its virtue faces a few challenges while initiating and tends to grow strong along the way. InventaTeq has not only addressed the challenges but also has overcome them over its lifetime. Initially, the institute faced its biggest challenge to finding Real-Time Industry Professional Trainers who can provide actual project workflow to students. Over time, InventaTeq was able to find the best mentors with communication and convincing ability.

Building its Unique Space besides Competition

In the widely extended training industry, InventaTeq aims to provide Quality Hands-on Training with Industry Projects and Placement support that making sure of a secured future for its students. InventaTeq has been offering most trending technology courses in very affordable fees structure to ensure everyone’s scope for a better future. The courses one can be trained in InventaTeq are digital marketing course , data science courses, AWS classes, devops training , Tableau, RPA tools, Python courses , Software Testing, Java, NET, machine learning, artificial intelligence, BigData, Hadoop training, AutoCAD, salesforce, data science course in chennai and CCNA, to name a few.

Ensuring the clear understanding of the courses, the team at InventaTeq uses various techniques including the case studies, assigning, real-life projects, hands-on training,

Youth and Employed Clientele:

Fresh graduates, freshers, working professionals, job seekers, entrepreneur, business owners, and others are the students visit the institute to become skilled and trained in software. Each of the students is guided and the progress is monitored closely. InventaTeq caters it services to various individuals at different levels ranging from beginner level computer users to the IT professionals. Each individual registering for the course is guided on every step on the journey and their tenure at the institute.

Trainers: Core Support System for Students

The “InventaTeq team has 40+ experienced trainers with an average of 5 and 8 years of experience in teaching and the industry respectively. Focused on ensuring a better future for students, the trained professionals provide their undivided attention along with the dedicated student support. From connecting with the students one-on-one in the class to helping them beyond classroom hours, InventaTeq team is always ready to help its students.

Get the Job You Deserve: InventaTeq Placement Team

InventaTeq has been associated with various companies and colleges to ensure the availability of both the employer and employee. Ensuring a job Inventateq provides resume building services. The institute ensures that the students have the work experience by integrating real-world projects to make their resume match the job requirements. Those at InventaTeq benefit from the ability to work with the datasets from companies like Amazon, Nike, Yelp, Walmart, etc. After ensuring comprehensive training, the placement ensures that the students are ready to face the interviewer and schedules the same for them with various IT companies widening their career prospects.

The Bright Future Ahead

The anticipated expansion plans for InventaTeq are planned in Pune, Kerala and Amarvathi cities. The institute is planning at approaching more colleges in Bangalore and Chennai and performing branding to pull out more crowds. In the long run, the visionary CEO Safura Begum aims at making the name of InventaTeq institute to be projected as the No.1 Institute in the Training Industry.

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