Indian Art Ideas Accomplished a Major Landmark, Congregation of More than 1000 Artists

Business Wire IndiaAfter a stint of efficacious accomplishments since its inception, Indian Art Ideas – a pioneer in the field of promoting, encouraging, and supporting arts – touched yet another landmark recently when it got successful in congregating more than 1000 artists onto one online art platform. The idea of bringing together so many artists was conceptualized to ensure one-stop destination for all the art lovers, art collectors, and art enthusiasts worldwide who are in quest of sundry range of mesmerizing artworks.

This exemplary accomplishment indeed symbolizes the values and determination that Indian Art Ideas upholds in order to promote and encourage the art. This feat speaks volume about how an online art platform can efficiently establish an intact connection between a wide range of artists and art lovers.

Addressing the media on the stupendous occasion, Ms. Shilpi Agarwal, the founder and owner of Indian Art Ideas said, “We are wholeheartedly committed towards promoting the art and artwork, and congregating so many critically-acclaimed and commercially-successful artists is a milestone that we should be proud of. The professionals, strategists, and conveners who were involved with the endeavor have done a really commendable job. Let’s hope their hard work, dedication, and efforts pay off!”

She added, “Art will stay forever! It is immortal, and no power in the world can pose a threat to its stardom! However, that does not necessarily imply that we don’t have to take any pragmatic action in this regard. Being committed towards promoting every form of art, it becomes our moral obligation to ensure that all the artists worldwide get access to a platform whereon they can exhibit their talent. Similarly, nothing beats the importance of easy availability of artworks for enthusiasts and lovers. By congregating various artists from different walks of the art and making their artworks accessible for art lovers and buyers, we have actually been able to perform our duty with utmost earnestness and sincerity.”

With the recent accomplishment, Indian Art Ideas expects to provide a proficient platform for all the artists whose work often go unnoticed. Apart from this, it is also expecting to meet a diverse range of demands and expectations of art lovers and art enthusiasts quite conveniently as they can navigate through a comprehensive range of options. Unquestionably, this manoeuvre is a prudent step and a far-sighted initiative taken by Indian Art Ideas.

About Indian Art Ideas

Indian Art Ideas is one of India’s leading online art galleries. The site provides a platform to bring sellers and buyers together. It exhibits and offers an unparalleled collection of paintings, drawings, sketches, sculpture, prints and photographs by emerging and established Indian artists for sale at affordable price. With services like Art for Décor, Personalized Art and Art Advisory at an offer, Indian Art Ideas is a one-stop destination for all your needs concerning affordable artwork. For more details, please visit–

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