In-Video Discovery Pioneer Tagos Announces USD 5 Million in Series A Funding

Business Wire IndiaTagos, the leader in AI-driven In-Video discovery today announced a USD 5 million Series A funding with participation from a leading venture capital fund and two large global corporations. The company will use the capital to build upon its early success and market traction. Through this expansion, Tagos expects to demonstrate growth, product innovation, enhance its user community and expand its team. 

Tagos’ pioneering In-Video platform, Charmboard makes video become a two-way experience, by making it respond to touch. Every touch is bookmarked, deeply categorized and persists outside the video and creates new value for content owners, publishers and viewers.

“We have been one of earliest practitioners of computer vision and machine learning at Tagos and between our revolutionary product, this infusion of smart capital and our world-class team, we couldn’t be more eager to accelerate our go-to-market strategy and enable marketers and video publishers to achieve what’s not humanly possible”, said GBS Bindra, Founder & CEO of Tagos.

Tagos’ early customer traction with ten of India’s top advertisers and video publishers validates product-market fit and has us on a positive growth trajectory, making the company well-positioned to cross the traction gap to gain widespread market adoption.

“Marketers increasingly want to put the customer at the center of their thinking and allow them to define each moment that matters. With our product offering marketers can create smarter journeys that deliver the right content exactly when the customer needs it.”
About Tagos

Tagos is helping video publishers and advertisers use AI to talk to their customers, understand them and serve them better. The company’s pioneering In-Video discovery platform, Charmboard powered by artificial intelligence, makes video respond to touch. Charmboard acts as a personalised media platform where users discover, curate and save those moments in a video that has inspired them. 

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