Holistic Admissions Beyond Cut-offs: Ashoka University

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Ashoka University: Holistic Admissions Beyond Cut-Offs
Ashoka University: Holistic Admissions Beyond Cut-Offs

The months that follow Grade XII board examinations in India prove to be a rather stressful and difficult period for students as well as parents. Having gone through one of the most challenging examinations of their life thus far, students are entrusted to make an informed decision about their undergraduate education that is likely to define the rest of their lives.

When the stakes are so high, a single percentage or ranking should not be a deterrent for what a student may choose to do with their undergraduate education. At Ashoka University, no applicant is rejected on the basis of a universal benchmark determined by his or her performance in their board exams. The mathematicians are just valued as the performers, the programmers just as significant in their contributions as the artists. It is imperative that we, as a country, are aware of the need of the hour in higher education today, and that is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that is encouraging for all kinds of learners.

The admission process honours the fact that every student is the sum total of his academic and non-academic passions, interests, hobbies and creative pursuits. The Ashoka application embraces all aspects of a student’s personality, from giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a personal essay to sharing their non-academic pursuits in way of extra-curricular activities. Be it a prestigious internship, an after-school volunteer programme or a personal project, the admissions process recognizes every meaningful endeavor that the student may have engaged in. All applicants are asked to share their transcripts from Grade IX, X and XI so we can evaluate their academic trajectory and not just a one-time academic performance in Grade XII.

The application can be further supplemented with a Letter of Recommendation from a counselor, principal, subject teacher or mentor that gives the assessor a unique perspective on the student’s personality and accomplishments. Candidates who would like to submit their SAT or ACT scores can do so in the form itself. All of these variables put together create a comprehensive profile for every aspiring student who is evaluated on not one but a diverse range of attributes and interests.

The interdisciplinary approach to education gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of academic interests starting from a common application that does not limit them to the choice of a degree. All applicants have to fill up a common application irrespective of their choice of major. They are free to explore a variety of subject areas before they decide on a B.A Hons. or a BSc. Hons. degree. This gives all Ashoka students a platform to carefully weight their interests before choosing a degree that not only ensures a lucrative future but promotes a profound learning experience for three years.

The simple online application process makes it easy for students to keep track of their documentation and submit the form well within the deadline. For students who may not have steady internet access, a request for a downloadable form can also be made.
The deadline for the final round of admissions to Ashoka University’s undergraduate programme is June 16, 2017. For further information, log on to www.ashoka.edu.in

About Ashoka University

Ashoka University is a pioneer of liberal education in India. An Ashoka education carries a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, thorough academic research based on rigorous pedagogy, and hands-on experience with real-world challenges. It prepares students to be ethical leaders in a diverse and complex world.

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