HiMedia’s Molecular Biology Division gets ICMR nod along with CE/IVD approvals for their COVID range of products

HiGenoMB®, the Molecular Biology Division of HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. the leading Indian BioSciences manufacturer proudly announces that it has received the prestigious ICMR and CE/IVD approval for its COVID Range of Products.

  • Hi-PCR® Coronavirus (COVID-19) Multiplex Probe PCR Kits (MBPCR243)
  • HiPurA® Viral RNA Purification Kit (MB615)
  • HiPurA® Viral RNA Purification Kit – Magnetic Bead Based (MB615M)

HiMedia Laboratories has also successfully launched the InstaNX® Mag Series of Automated DNA/RNA Extraction Platforms viz InstaNX®Mag32 capable of processing 32 samples & InstaNX®Mag96, the high throughput version capable of processing 96 samples.

Hi-PCR® Coronavirus (COVID-19) Multiplex Probe PCR Kits (MBPCR243) is a RT PCR Kit capable of detecting 4 different genes- N gene, E gene, RdRp gene and RPPH1 (Endogenous Internal Control) in the same assay.

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HiPurA® Viral RNA Purification Kit (MB615) – Manual Spin Column based kit has been the front runner amongst the COVID products for HiGenoMB®. HiMedia ensured timely and continuous supply of Manual Viral RNA Extraction Kits across the country during the initial stages of the pandemic making it the most sought after Indian manufacturer capable of meeting the demands of the COVID Diagnostic market.

HiPurA® Viral RNA Purification Kit – Magnetic Bead Based (MB615M) was approved from ICMR-approved site NIV (Pune) along with its use with HiMedia’s Automated DNA/RNA Instrument- InstaNX Mag96.

Dr. Rajas Warke, Director of HiMedia’s Molecular Biology Division says  ”During the initial days into the COVID-19 pandemic with very few signs being observed globally, we re-directed the R& D team towards development of COVID-19 molecular diagnostic products. The ICMR validation thus makes HiMedia synonymous with being a Complete Solution Provider; for COVID Molecular Detection and being the Only Indian manufacturer in this capability.”


“HiGenoMB® and team HiMedia, today, is proud to have introduced effective COVID products under the most challenging working conditions. Despite HiMedia’s research scientists also being affected by COVID-19. The rest of the team immediately stepped up the momentum to deliver COVID-19 related products successfully to our nation.” added Dr. Kavita Khadke, also Director of HiMedia’s Molecular Biology.

Please visit our website www.himedialabs.com for more details about HiGenoMB® products related COVID Molecular testing.

About HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

HiMedia is one of the largest Indian Biosciences company, providing solutions to over 150 countries worldwide. With an all-inclusive product range catering to Microbiology, Molecular Biology; Animal Cell culture, Plant Tissue culture, Bio chemicals, Laboratory Aids, Molecular Diagnostic instruments and more. HiGenoMB® encompasses the Molecular Biology Product Range of HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Comprising of DNA/RNA Extraction kits, PCR reagents, NASBA (Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Amplification tests), Proteomics. Molecular biology grade chemicals and buffers and Instrumentation for Research & Diagnostics. Covering major aspects of the most dynamic branches of the Life Sciences group. HiGenoMB® team strives hard to make molecular work enjoyable with its user friendly product range.

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