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  • 3700 Indian students go to Philippines every year for Medical Education: Krishnaprasad
  • Currently, more than 16000 Indian students are pursuing Medical Education (in all streams put together) in Philippines

There is a laid down procedure for students wishing to pursue Medicine in Philippines. Krishnaprasad, India Coordinator of AMA HLC Pty Ltd, Australia shared his experiences for the benefit of many Indian Students who are seeking admission in various Medical Universities in Philippines, who are not following the procedure due to lack of proper and honest guidance and hence landing themselves in a mess.

Krishnaprasad who has witnessed sufferings of many students is disseminating information on Medical Education abroad for common good. Krishnaprasad is presently Coordinator-India of AMA HLC, Australia who are authorized representatives of South Western University, one of the oldest Universities in Cebu City, Philippines. Krishnaprasad added that interested parents can avail the opportunity to interact with the University officials and the students studying currently in the University to know the exact procedures.

Philippines is one of the new destinations for Medical studies where lot of Indian students are seeking admissions. There were times when Russia and China used to be preferred destinations. But, now Philippines is the most sought after because it is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world.

China has reduced their yearly intake of international students to less than 45% since 2015 and students from Russia have performed poorly in USMLE and/or MCI Screening test. However, according to Krishnaprasad, many agents are misleading and misguiding students and parents and not providing the complete information.

Krishnaprasad stated that the best and safest procedure to be followed by every parent is as follows:

  1. Ensure that the agent/consultant is authorized representative of the University in the written contract between the University and the Consultant.
  2. Demand for the FEE structure of the University in writing on the letterhead of the University.
  3. Insist that the payment of fees is paid to the University directly.
  4. Do not pay any monies to the agent/consultant other than for processing the visa & ticket if you cannot do it yourself.
  5. Do not deposit your child’s certificates and passport with any agent/consultant.
  6. Take in writing that the admission into MD after completion of BS is automatically done in the same University.
  7. Enquire about the Boarding & Lodging facilities along with safety, and administrative control for your child.

Many agents collect money and don’t deposit to the university, thereby jeopardizing the students future. Students are getting stranded without their student visa renewed. It is strongly advocated to the students to pay the fee directly to the university.

Also, students need to check the curriculum and standards of the educational institution and whether it meets the requirements of Medical Council of India (MCI).

Krishnaprasad also added that it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they interact with the University appointed coordinator only, pay the fees directly to the University and never deposit the student’s certificates and Passport to the Agent/Consultant.

They also need to ensure that a direct interaction with the University is made before the student pays the fees and ensure in writing that admission into BS course will assure the student of a seat in MD in the same University.

There are 36 Universities in Philippines which are CHED (Commission on Higher Education) approved and recognized by Medical Council of India. There are more than 16000 Indian students and the number of intakes from India alone is more than 3700 students every year.

The advisory of the Indian Embassy clearly states that the number of seats filled by the agents for BS Degree far exceed the number of seats available for MD in Philippines.

Krishnaprasad added that he would recommend admission into a specific University only after he is convinced in every respect that he would admit his son/daughter into the University. He also added that he would be visiting every state in India during April 2017 and disseminates information on Medical education outside India as a free service.

Krishnaprasad has received testimonials for his service from various Universities, CHED and the Indian High Commission of India in the Philippines.

Krishnaprasad can be reached by students/parents for free guidelines on: 09550582592 or email to [email protected].

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