First Defense Nasal Screen Corporation (FDNS) Announced an Exclusive Joint Venture with Filter Your Life Healthcare to distribute its Nasal Filters in India

Business Wire India

  • The US Company the “First Defense Nasal Screen Corporation” (FDNS) Announced an Exclusive Joint Venture with “Filter Your Life Healthcare Private Limited” an Indian company registered with ROC India.
  • Granting Exclusive Distribution Rights of Its Life Changing Product “First Defense Nasal Screens” Throughout all of India, Bringing Much Needed Relief to the Billions of People that Suffer from the Major Air Quality Problems Faced Daily across India and the rest of the world.
  • In addition FDNS also added a warning to any and all companies present and future that may be currently trying or in the future try to knock off their product in India or any other part of the world.  Any violation of Patents or Pending Patents owned by FDNS or it’s affiliated Companies will not be accepted or tolerated.

Joseph Moore, President and CEO of the “First Defense Nasal Screen Corporation” (a United Stated Corporation registered in Florida) recently announced that his life changing product that is sweeping the globe “First Defense Nasal Screens” the external Nasal Filter, is now available throughout India through their new partner and Indian company ”Filter Your Life Healthcare Private Limited” (

Mr. Moore also confirmed that “Filter Your Life Healthcare Private Limited” is the only company that is currently allowed to distribute his Nasal Filters in any and all of India. He was quoted as saying, “They are the only authorized distributor in India. We are aware of a few other companies making false claims that they invented it and or have rights to use and sell our technology. One has gone as far as stating that they invented it through IIT Delhi in India, yet we have emails from them to a manufacturer showing our original patent prints and videos with a request for manufacturing. This will not be tolerated and we will do everything in our means to make sure it doesn’t. I cannot believe they even credited the University in their claim and press release opening liability to and from the University itself.”

With patents already issued in over 50 countries since 2006 throughout most all of Asia including Japan and China, and the US, Canada and all of Europe and with more pending, including in India under application number 61/482,275 which was filed on the 4th of May 2011 under PCT/US2012/035048 and with a law firm like Holland and Knight as their counsel Mr. Moore made it very clear they will not tolerate any violations and are prepared to defend their product and product rights to protect the consumers worldwide so they know they are buying the real product and not some copy that doesn’t work or work as well.

“The statistics are staggering,” Moore continues, in “The Economist, it was reported that in India respiratory ailments soared fourfold between 2008 and 2015 and the number of early deaths caused by toxic air are expected to exceed 600,000 a year.”

Mr. Moore was almost laughed off the stage while presenting his nasal screen product on the TV show, “Shark Tank” in (2011) but was vindicated when the Sharks offered a landmark $4M to buy him out and a 10% life time royalty.

FDNS began testing their nasal screens in early 2016 in the Indian market with the BreatheEasy Consultants Pvt Limited before signing a final agreement with “Filter Your Life Healthcare Private Limited.”


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