Elsner’s New Launch: Axis Bank Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2

Business Wire IndiaAxis Bank Payment Gateway Extension for Magneto 2 developed by Elsner Technologies authorizes as well as receives credit cards from your customers. It can actually be assimilated and merged with nearly all services like Websites, E Commerce Solutions and so on. Online broadcasting operations are also obtainable. With this Axis Bank Payment Gateway Extension entire process of payment can possibly be computerized as well as the internet-based businesses in order to improve and increase payment security, which perhaps can be substantiated through Visa/MasterCard Secure Code.

The accession of Axis Bank Payment Gateway permits receiving payments which is globally available without any restrictions of terrestrial barriers and time –zones from any customer who holds an authentic and bona fide web-enabled Mastercard or Visa Debit Card/Credit Card along with International Master Card/Visa Cards.

There are several reasons for opting for this Magento 2 Extension as in:-

  • Fully automated payment process
  • Automatic Payment Updates
  • Provides secure codes to enhance payment security
  • Accepts all major credit and charge cards
  • Integrates with best services
  • Online reporting functions are available

This Magento extension is a helpful tool for the bank executives and the people who have more transactions based on the axis bank payments. With this extension by Elsner Technologies, a well-known magento development company, you can have fully automated payment process, you can get automated payment updates.

The major problem for every layman to do online transactions is the security of their data. The Magento professionals at Elsner Technologies have developed this extension in such a way that it would provide secure codes which will enhance the payment security in a highly secured manner. Hence, with this extension, the axis bank payments are made easily and with better security measures.

The speciality of this Magento 2 extension is it will accept every kind of major credit and charge cards and carry on the transaction easily. This extension makes the card transactions simpler than the manual transactions. We have developed this in such a way that the services we have integrated with, are the finest services so as to provide better offers and best in class service to our customers.

Even after using this extension, if you get in touch with something unusual or some error is found in your transaction, you have the facility to report online. You can report about the error online and the action will be taken by the bank.

The Axis bank payment gateway is the extension made for making the banking easy by one of the top Magento development company, Elsner Technologies.


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