Elders Camp Announces First of its kind Shared Homes Concept for Senior Citizens

Business Wire IndiaElders Camp, a dedicated online platform for senior citizens in India, announces the launch of first of its kind Shared Homes concept, giving a boost to sharing economy and an option for isolated elders to enjoy family life. Within 2 days, the concept gained a lot of attention from seniors across India with an average 5000 visitors per day.

While the concept of shared homes is not new in itself, what Elders Camp has added to it is the cause of bringing seniors out of isolation. Their idea is simple, any elders living alone can host a younger person/families to stay with them as paying guest or the elders can move into another family’s home and pay a nominal rent, which is much lower than a good quality retirement home. Elders Camp arranges meeting between the two parties, ensures all required documentation and verifications and also monitors quality of service. This way both parties don’t have to worry about nitty, gritty but just enjoy company of each other.

Explaining the concept in more detail to media, Elders Camp’s Co-founder and Managing Director Niraj Khedkar said:

“It is high time India starts taking elder care seriously and accept the fact that almost 35% elderly in our country live alone. Many of them are socially active and want to enjoy a normal family life, but either do not know how or do not have sufficient resources to move into a retirement community, which are also too less and not always serving everyone’s purpose. With our shared homes concept, we are enabling elders to stay engaged and connected with the society. We are also attracting youngsters’ attention towards the plight of senior citizens, and inviting them to open up their homes to those elders who are fit, independent, sometimes working yet extremely alone and aloof. In addition to rent, both sides get a number of invaluable benefits such as sharing knowledge, blessings and caring for each other in case of need. Elders Camp remains at their disposal to take care of any administrative or emergency support and manage the relationship from a distance”.

Elders Camp is publicly available on the internet at www.elderscamp.com and email: [email protected]You can also call their care center at +91 7666 200 400.

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