Docplexus Secures Knowledge Partnerships with Premier Medical Institutions

Business Wire IndiaDocplexus, India’s largest and fastest growing community of doctors, is now the most trusted knowledge partner of leading public and private medical bodies in the country.
On June 6th, National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), India’s foremost Public Health Organization announced Docplexus as a partner in its mission to prevent, control, eliminate and eradicate communicable and non-communicable diseases. Dr. A.C. Dhariwal, Director, NCDC believes that Docplexus’ community of over 2,00,000 registered physicians can make valuable contributions in furthering NCDC’s public health agenda. To facilitate this knowledge share, Docplexus will create a dedicated microsite on its app and web portal.
Recently, Indian Public Health Association (IPHA) also chose the Docplexus platform to communicate and collaborate with doctors regarding its various health initiatives. This follows a previously successful tie-up for IPHACON 2017, IPHA’s annual national conference. Notes Phanish Chandra, CEO and Co-founder, Docplexus, “Better public health has to be taken up on priority if India is to emerge as a superpower in the global arena. We are proud to partner with key public health bodies working toward this cause.

Apart from public health agencies, eminent private medical institutions like Academy of Family Physicians of India (AFPI) and Institute of Medicine and Law (IML) also partnered with Docplexus this year, for sharing knowledge with the community. Especially noteworthy is the association with IML. Owing to a surge in the number of medical lawsuits and medical negligence cases, Indian doctors are increasingly seeking guidance on different medicolegal aspects. With IML on board, Docplexus is equipped to update its community with the latest and most relevant medicolegal content in the form of articles and webinars.
Says Mr. Mahendrakumar Bajpai, Supreme Court Advocate and Honorary Director, IML, “Digital media, as a platform, has the ability to reach out to a wide audience across geographies. Our association with Docplexus is the first initiative of its kind to educate doctors and healthcare professionals on laws applicable to medicine and an attempt to bring clarity in this domain of medicine and law.
Since inception, Docplexus has been committed to offering immense value to the medical community by way of innovative offerings. Its latest initiative is a weekly news series, Docplexus News which is aired on the portal every Thursday. Docplexus News aims to update doctors on latest happenings in the medical field.
Concludes Phanish, “It is our endeavor to empower doctors of India. We believe our recent initiatives will enable the medical community to deliver the best possible treatment, ultimately improving millions of medical outcomes in our country.
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