CropIn Technology & IACG Sign MOU to Support Sustainable Agriculture and Improve Food Security

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CropIn Technology & IACG sign MOU to support Sustainable Agriculture and Improve Food Security
CropIn Technology & IACG sign MOU to support Sustainable Agriculture and Improve Food Security

CropIn Technology and the International Agriculture Consulting Group (IACG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the aim to strengthen sustainable agriculture, ensure food safety and improve food security.

The collaboration intends to strengthen the agriculture value chain by facilitating adoption of agri-technology for climate resilience and agri-produce traceability. A key focus would be identifying potential areas and equipping them with technology to boost farm productivity while also cutting down on ecological costs.

Mr. Krishna Kumar, CEO, CropIn Technology says, “In meeting the goals of food security and sustainability, smart agtech solutions would prove instrumental by optimizing agricultural practices, minimizing waste, developing climate resilience, and providing timely agricultural advisory. We are pleased to enter into this MOU as it paves the way for a great partnership, combining CropIn’s technological expertise with IACG’s exceptional consulting services.”

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, CEO, IACG says “There is immense potential to add value in the entire value chain with the help of technology enabled services, and IACG is looking forward to combine its capabilities in terms of expertise in agriculture and agribusiness along with CropIn Technology to develop more efficient processes. In order to improve farm productivity and farmers’ income, there is a need to bring in technology interventions in agriculture and agribusiness sector. MOU with CropIn Technology will pave the way in achieving the overall objective of IACG which is to provide competent consulting services to support agriculture and agribusiness sector by delivering sustainable solutions to projects in agriculture, agribusiness and allied sectors development worldwide and to bring great value to clients by forging partnerships in agriculture transformation.” Dr. Chauhan also informed that in the next five years agriculture and agribusiness sector is going to witness a lot of disruption in this space, changing the way agriculture has been done.

About IACG

IACG is a leading agribusiness consulting group formed with the mandate for agriculture projects consulting, research, trade, technology and investments facilitation in food and agriculture sector. Incorporated in the year 2010, IACG collaborated with ICAR, the world’s largest scientific body and ICRISAT to work towards sustainable agriculture and food security. It offers consulting services across all the domains in agriculture, agribusiness, animal husbandry and allied sector with the objective to mobilize global expertise for food and agriculture solutions to various countries. Their team of experts includes individuals from the field of agriculture, management, rural development and other specialized sectors who carry out the projects and assignments in the best possible way.

IACG is actively working in Africa, South East Asia and India and mobilizes technology from across the globe for improving farm profitability.
About CropIn Technology

CropIn Technology, a leading agri-tech company based in Bangalore, provides SaaS based services to agribusinesses globally. CropIn enables its clients to analyze & interpret data and derive real time actionable insights on standing crop and projects spanning geographies. The company harnesses cutting-edge technologies – Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Geo-tagging & Satellite monitoring to revolutionize the agri-ecosystem.

With the vision to maximize per acre value and the mission to make every farm traceable, CropIn adds value to all players in the agriculture ecosystem, increasing efficiency, scaling productivity and strengthening sustainability across the board. Providing sustainable solutions for food, feed and fibre and ensuring farm to fork traceability across the agriculture supply chain are the mainstay principles that drive the company. CropIn’s SaaS-based system is not a one-time intervention but a sustainable solution. With robust solutions that are crop and region agnostic, CropIn has digitized over 2.1 million acres of farmland, enriching the lives of 500,000 + farmers while working with 125+ clients.

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