Career Guidance Session at DPS-Bopal

Career Guidance Session at DPS-Bopal

August 1, 2018 proved promising as Dr.Patrick French, Dean, School of Arts and Science, Ahmedabad University, was invited to Delhi Public School-Bopalalong with his team of Professors (Prof. Mary Ann Chacko, Prof. Neha Jain and Prof Leya Mathew)to make the students aware of the varied career options after grade XII and how Ahmedabad University, with its liberal education system, would be a good choice for the students.

Addressing the Science and Humanities students of grades 11 and 12, Dr. French discussed about the number of subject options available for undergraduate and graduate programmesin Ahmedabad University. He further emphasized that curiosity combined with the confidence to ask questions is the key to attain the edge required in today’s competitive world. The audience of inquisitive students and equally keen faculty listened intently as the Dean of School of Arts and Sciences added that the creative companies of the world like PayPal, Amazon and Google are looking into technological advancement. This, he stressed, was only possible with the intellectual breakthrough in broad-based curriculum.

Dr. French in his illustrated speech informed the students about the numerous undergraduate courses Ahmedabad University offers in Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Humanitiesand Social Sciences with major focus on interdisciplinary learning and research.  Talking about the education system, the speakers further focused onthe graduating batch and stated how the present-day education provides exposure to different fields. He directed the students to take advantageof the variety of options from seemingly unrelated disciplines and choose their specialization. This well-informed choice would help them in honing various skill sets which can be transferred to new areas.

Principal, DPS-Bopal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva addressed the importance of correct career choice and appreciated the good education being delivered in Ahmedabad University. This clearly exemplified his goal to call the team to DPS-Bopalcatering to benefit the students.

The session was replete with basic guidelines about the entire structure of education at the University. Students were reassured with the “Circle of Care” as a medium through which a fresher gets comfortable in an exotic environment with the help of a Faculty Advisor. Professors Mary Ann Chacko, Neha Jain and Leya Mathew all answered questions from the students, about Ahmedabad University’s future academic programmes.

The session ended with a question-answer round where the queries of students regarding scholarship programme, future options after completing Degree from Ahmedabad University and other general queries were addressed by the speakers.


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