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Pre-Event Press Release

Business Simulations and Model United Nations (XUB Chapter)

September 16, 2018 

Xavier University will be orchestrating a series of Business Simulations as a part of its upcoming mega cultural management fest “Xamboree”. It will also be hosting the XUB MUN, the flagship event of SpeakUp (The Oratory Society of XUB) on 4th and 5th October 2018, which is organised with the aim of speaking up on pertinent issues plaquing our global landscape as a delegate for Model United Nations Organizationas a part of the fest

The sequence of business simulations will include the following events- Case In Point: A problem-solving simulation, organized by XIMAHR (The HR Association of Xavier School of Human Resource Management) for the budding talent professionals focusing on their research, analytical, comprehension and presentation skills. Urbrainiac: A simulation, conceptualized by HabituX (The UMG Association of Xavier Center for Urban Management and Governance), requiring the participants to strategize a business plan for service delivery in a city, themed on the challenges faced by the modern city of today. Spardha: An inter-college, social entrepreneurship competition, Spardha, organized by RMAX (Rural Managers’ Association of Xavier School of Rural Management) enables students to generate new and feasible ideas, relevant to the rural sector. ProAct: A strategic case competition, filled in with puzzles and quizzesProAct is a collaborative event organized by XIMAHR and HabituXAscend: An initiative by INFINX (The Students Association of Master of Business Finance)Ascend is a research-based competition wherein participants are expected to identify the most suitable asset, subject to the constraints provided. Samriddhi: Organized by the Social Responsibility Cell and X-SEED (Entrepreneurship Cell of XUB)Samriddhi is a platform for participants to present their business models for social enterprises which can mitigate emergent social problems and stigmas.  Business Buzz: A business plan competition, organized by ConXerv (Committee for Sustainability, Xavier School of Sustainability), to test the decision-making acumen of our future managers, in providing innovative solutions to the problems which plague our modern society.

The first edition of the Model United Nations promises to leave an impact and focus on issues which plague the world, issues which are deeply rooted, and issues which are grave and heinous in nature. We call the contemplating youth to deliberate on such matters and pave a new way that will lead us out of the chaos and cacophony amidst which we find ourselves day in and day out. Exhilarating debates and tremendous research are what constitutes the two-day event, along with something to look forward to at the end of the day.

The Councils-Participants would be placed in either of the two councils (United Nations Human Rights Council and Disarmament and International Security) and in International Press, based on stringent selection criteria. This is an individual or dual delegation event.This event is open for Post Graduate students, Under Graduate students, and school students in 11thand 12th standard. The winners can grab prizes worth Rs.25, 000! 

XUB aspires to offer an interactive learning experience through its business training events that require participants to apply what they have learned in a robust, risk-free environment. Participants build relevant skills, improve conceptual knowledge, and gain a better appreciation of business strategy and the systems of business management to build skills and improve performance.It also aspires to offer the XUB MUN as a platform to students all over for quality discussions and an enriching learning experience.


Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) was established in accordance with the Xavier University Act 2013 and was inaugurated on the 7th of July 2014. XUB is India’s first digital University and an institution of higher learning for imparting professional and technical education. It is a self-financing institution imparting professional and technical education. XUB has 8 Schools that offer world-class education in different fields. XIMB offers an MBA in Business Management, Global Management and Executive programs. Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XAHR), erstwhile XIMB-HRM, offers the MBA-HRM program. MBA-RM is offered by the Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM), erstwhile XIMB-RM. MBF- Master of Business Finance is offered by Xavier School of Commerce, MBA-SM by Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS) and MBA-UMG by Xavier Center of Urban Management and Governance. The Xavier School of Sustainability, Xavier School of Commerce, Xavier Center of Urban Management and Governance, Xavier School of Economics, Xavier School of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Xavier School of Communications offer different postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

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