Ashira Parti: Music is the Staple Diet for this Upcoming Singer and Composer

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Ashira Parti Performing
Ashira Parti Performing

Ashira Parti, a young musician from Delhi, says she loves music, and it is her staple diet. In fact, Ashira feels music the energy pill that keeps her going and gives her a meaning in life.

Passionate about modern music, she wants to sing and also compose and let everyone experience her flavour of music and vocals.

She hopes to make her career as a performer and an artist and make a name for herself in the field of music.

In fact, she has already done compositions. Songs that gave her an identify of her own include “Radioactive by Imagine Dragons”, “Hello by Adele”, “All I Ask by Adele” and “Cheap Thrills by Sia”.

Her aim is to have a music school that, “Harnesses your passion for music so that one becomes more aware of the dedication involved when performing.”

She wants the music school to be a serious institution and a place where one can also have fun, where one can develop their talents, and be in the company of experienced musicians and vocalists”.

Ashira herself plays the acoustic and classical guitar.

She recently performed in two Annual Theme Concerts, where she sang Hello and All I Ask, both by Adele.  She has also performed in a group where they sang a medley of songs called a “mash-up”. She also performed with a band in Sri Lanka at the Hotel Riu in 2016.

She has performed at the Art Habitat Centre in Delhi on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

Her solo performance was at the JW Marriot in Vietnam, Hanoi, on New Year’s Eve 2016. She also performed in school concerts as a solo artist and for the British High Commissioner.

In addition, she has performed twice at the North East Festivals in Delhi.



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