Applications Built on Axpert™ RAD Platform to Improve Ease of Doing Business in the State Of West Bengal

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The Government of West Bengal has selected AxpertTM Rapid Application Development Platform from Agile Labs ( for creating a revamped Online Single Window Portal (OSWP) for improving the Ease of Doing Business in the State. The project was awarded to Agile Labs in the month of January 2017 and needs to be in place by May 2017 as the evaluation of the States by the Government of India will be carried out in June 2017.

Investors and businesses may need multiple approvals from multiple departments for starting or operating a business. The online single window will have to provide the following functionalities:

  1. Single dynamic composite application form (CAF) for multiple services allowing an investor or a business to fill up one form for multiple clearances and approvals;
  2. Single Online Payment for multiple services through an integrated payment gateway with all modes of payment viz., debit card/ credit card/ net banking enabled;
  3. Breaking the Composite Application Forms electronically into individual forms and sending the forms to the backend systems of various Departments electronically along with the corresponding proof of payment;
  4. Online tracking of status of applications while they are being processed by various Departments;
  5. Online communication of approval; and
  6. Downloading of approvals/ NoCs/ permits/ clearances etc. online.

The Online Single Window Portal (OSWP) is intended to provide a Common Application Form (CAF) to the investor. Investors can sign up into this portal and are verified using an OTP that is sent to their email and mobile. Every investor is uniquely identified through their email address and a password. All user information is encrypted and stored in the database. Each application form that is required to get approval of services provided by departments will be created as forms within the portal. Subsequent processing for approvals will happen within applications in that department. Periodic status updates will be provided by the respective applications to the online single window portal (OSWP). The portal will, in turn, provide the status updates to the investor through emails and SMS.

“This project has to be completed by the end of May 2017. Nearly 130 services have to be either newly created or integrated with the online portal. Such a project cannot be done in a short time by writing code in high-level programming languages. It can be done only on meta data driven platforms. Further, the platform should have the capability to integrate with other apps both on the web services layer and the data layer. AxpertTM RAD platform is the only platform that can achieve the desired results within such a short span of time” says Sabarish Santhanam, CEO of Agile Labs.

AxpertTM is a low coding RAD platform on which enterprise grade applications can be developed in 50% of the time, effort, and skill required to build an app using traditional programming languages. Apps are developed on AxpertTM by only defining the data structures, workflow and business rules on the fly using a simple and intuitive Axpert IDE. These is no need to write code in business or presentation layer.

The security standards that are followed for any distributed RDBMS based applications can be applied on AxpertTM applications to ensure maximum security of data. A robust access control layer that comes along with Axpert ensure maximum safety of data. This gives complete control to the app administrator to restrict access of data for relevant user groups.

AxpertTM is now used by 20000+ users across 10 countries. The users include government, defense, and large corporations. There are 100+ mission critical applications running on AxpertTM. Its lean architecture makes it robust and reliable.

AxpertTM provides the capability:

  • To create services for citizens along with the backend work flow within a very short time. A service could be made online within a couple of weeks.
  • To aggregate the forms dynamically and create one single common access form based on user selection. This can be achieved only if the apps are defined on full meta data driven model.
  • To integrate with apps that do not have web services capability at a data layer.
  • To integrate with apps that offer web services at the service layer.
  • Create wizard kind of facilities.

The architecture also should conform to the CERT-IN security recommendations to ensure data security and access control. This proposed architecture based on Axpert rules out any danger from cross-site scripting, SQL injection, identity theft, network eavesdropping & unauthorized access

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