APL Apollo Tubes Launches Apollo Coastguard: Corrosion Proof Galvanized Steel Pipes for Coastal Regions

Business Wire IndiaAPL Apollo Tubes the pioneer in Steel pipes and Sections, has yet reinforced its leadership by announcing the launch of its new brand Apollo Coastguard, a revolutionary change in the world of galvanized steel pipes.

These pipes are made of special galvanized steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance against wind, water and road salts which means that these galvanized steel pipes are 100% rust proof pipes to last for generations. The rich interior coating of Zinc will help in protecting the rusting of pies from the inside. And continuous 120 GSM hot dip galvanized coating will enhance the life of these steel pipes providing durability and strength.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Sharad Mahendra, Director Sales & Marketing said that, “The launch of its news brand Apollo Coastguard has been a reflection of APL Apollo Tubes Limited upholding its position as the leading producer of steel tube manufacturers in India and among top 10 globally. Holding a major chunk of market share, the journey has been about innovation and progressive thinking.”

Mahendra added that coastal market has been seeing a significant growth in the consumption of Galvanized steel pipes primarily being used for the purpose of roofing structures which provides shelter from Rains and also sunlight. He said that APL Apollo is working very closely with the Fabricators and Structural engineers in the coastal regions to understand specific requirements of the end customer and work together to provided best solutions.

The integrated approach of the organization has helped in reinventing itself through diverse initiatives. The company created a portfolio of innovative products hot dipped galvanised, pre-galvanised, electric resistance welded black and hollow sections across dimensions. It invested in technology to enhance efficiency and quality, customised product applications across sectors by introducing the direct forming technology dedicated to the forming of universal hollow shapes to fit the customer’s specific requirement.
About APL Apollo Tubes Limited

APL Apollo Tubes Limited is the largest producer of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipes and sections in India, with a capacity to produce more than 1.3 million tons per annum, it caters extensively to the region and exports to over 20 countries globally. The company’s vast distribution network is spread across India, with warehouses and branch offices in 25 cities.

APL Apollo Tubes Limited has been a pioneer in adopting the latest technology whether it is Strip Galvanizing Lines, Cold Saws, High Speed Mills from Europe, or the unique Rotary Sizing Mills which help in producing the best quality rolled tubes. APL product-portfolio includes MS Black pipes, Galvanized Tubes, Pre Galvanized Tubes, and Hollow Sections. The company’s products find their usage in myriad applications; from structural applications in metros, airports, malls to household structural applications, scaffolding systems, firefighting, gas pipelines, solar plants and windmills, irrigation systems and greenhouses.

APL Apollo Tubes Limited has introduced for the first time in India the Direct Forming Technology (DFT), a technology dedicated to the forming of universal Hollow Shapes. This technology, based on high quality standards, allows the production of wide range of products. 

For more information, please visit www.aplapollo.com

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