An entrepreneur and a risk-taker by heart: Prateek Singh, founder, and CEO LearnApp

From being an online video education platform that was developed with the intention of bringing the best minds and industry leaders from the field of trading, investing, business management and more to pioneering the “doer” model of learning, LearnApp has come a long, long way in its pursuit of making financial education highly accessible, affordable and industry-driven for everyone. Our objective is to redefine and reimagine education for the 21st century. This is all the more essential, in keeping with the constantly evolving dynamics of the present times, which necessitates continuous, rigorous and industry-driven upskilling, at every step of the way. Since its inception, LearnApp has endeavored to emphasise on practical education when it comes to trading, investing, finance, management and more. And as we progress in our mission and reach new heights, we also want to remember our roots and stay true to our core values- amalgamating quality and affordability for the masses.

How it started

An entrepreneur and a risk-taker by heart, Prateek Singh is the founder and CEO of LearnApp, a pioneering ed-tech platform that provides movie-like video courses on trading, investing, and finance. In its present form, LearnApp is the manifestation of the hard-work, sheer commitment, and dedication of the four co-founders, who came together in 2018 and envisioned a shared, industry-ready platform for education for one and all.

Prateek Singh, CEO and Founder
Ankush Oberoi,
Co-founder, Head of Business and Productions
Swati Sharma, Co-founder, Head of Productions
Sohail Alam, Co-founder, Head of Technology

Founder and CEO, Singh started trading at the age of 17. Ever since he has been active in the markets. Over the years, he has also shared insights from his trading journey and investing journey with thousands of individuals by means of his ventures in the financial education space, namely TradeAcademy, Tradersaint, and Market Scientist.

His interest in trading led him to multiple ventures, where he aimed to solve the knowledge gap between authentic stock market education amongst the masses. After four ventures, LearnApp was established in 2018 with four co-founders. Not having a formal education did not deter Prateek from revolutionizing the idea of education, skill development and financial literacy!

Today, LearnApp is pioneering the way financial education is being understood. With our advanced courses, we aim to go a step further and provide intensive, hands-on, and in-depth training with a specific focus on a particular topic. We’ve already launched advanced courses on AmiBroker, Excel VBA and backtesting, and more, which have been met with extremely positive responses. With a strong mix of live classes, recorded lectures detailing various concepts extensively, and live interaction, advanced courses are the next step in transforming online education into a hands-on experience.

The idea: From inception to now

At LearnApp, we believe in skill-driven, actionable, and testable learning patterns, curated by the best in the industry. Our courses and classes are aimed at delivering maximum insights instead of conventional knowledge because we believe that no other form of teaching has a more lasting impact than experiential, hands-on learning.

LearnApp strongly believes in the concept that upskilling should start at a fundamental level, where people are just beginning to venture out in their professional spaces. We offer in-depth, insightful, and application-driven frameworks of learning to professionals and students in the age group of 19-30. We cover this through four major domains of learning and importance- trading, investing, business management, and communications.

Apart from our USP in terms of bridging the gap between industry expertise and educational frameworks, we also provide a hyper-curated, personalised curriculum that hones your skills in sync with industry expectations. So, you do not have to worry about upskilling yourself to suit the demands of the sector or industry you are working in. With LearnApp, you are already preparing for what the corporate world and your career progression would demand of you.

LearnApp has managed to cover a significant and eventful journey in this short span of 3 years. We currently have more than 2 lakh registered users on our platform and a dedicated learning community that is constantly expanding. We have more than 10 million streams on our paid platform, which is a testimony to the quality of our content.

Apart from that, we have more than 150+ live classes spanning a range of topics both current and conceptual, so that our viewers can get a practical, hands-on experience of their learnings and its applications. Our live classes have received rave reviews and great views and thus, we want to explore this dimension of user-mentor engagement in the most effective manner possible. We have more than 100 in-depth courses on various topics shot in a movie-like manner and many more in the pipeline.

Our user retention rate stands at 80%, which signifies how LearnApp has been able to forge long-lasting relationships with its users in such a short span of time. Our customer engagement has grown 5 times since the lockdown and we are very fortunate to have had the continued support of our users. Advanced courses, the new feather in our cap that has been met with extremely rave reviews target deep learning, practical applications, and high industry interaction.

The Future

LearnApp aims to become a pioneer in insight-driven and practice-based learning. We want to become the world’s largest educational platform in terms of practitioners teaching by means of an actionable framework to create industry-ready, highly disruptive professionals who possess a solid skillset. We want to add 10 million more people to the LearnApp community and bring them a step closer to learning directly from industry leaders. The vision is to become the world’s largest education portal where industry leaders and practitioners teach the future and shape them into doers and go-getters.

We also aim to intensify our content generation process while fully keeping up with the highest standards of research, depth, and quality. We wish to shift the focus of education from merely certifications, degrees, and traditional learning to a skill-based, result-oriented, and performance-dependent culture where the skills and work of the professional are given far more important than the college he/she has graduated from. This, in my view, is the future of every industry, including education. And at LearnApp, we want to be at the forefront of this positive revolution.

We are looking at diversifying our outreach by including courses and content in vernacular languages like Hindi and more. The full potential of LearnApp will be actualized only when each and every individual of our society will benefit from our courses in some way. And for that, I feel Hindi is a great medium to communicate, explain and diversify our user base. Providing our current courses in Hindi and expanding into Hindi and other vernacular languages will help us bring about a change in perception of education at a more fundamental level- education is not about what you learn, but more about what you are able to do and how you perform.

But most importantly, we are looking to instill the live class experience and the same rigor for every learner on our platform. Online education has largely been considered non-serious and that is all the more true in the case of financial education, which is actively avoided by people owing to its complicated, technical nature. We aim to change that. And we will

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