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The Motherhood Lies Within, Celebrating
The Motherhood Lies Within, Celebrating “International Mothers Day”

Someone once said that God created mother because he could not be everywhere to take care of his children.

Irrespective of what we call the woman who gave birth and brought us up – Ma, Aayee, Amma and Ammee in Indian languages, Mother in English, or Anya in Hungarian – her love is the fuel that enables a human being to do the impossible. Perhaps that is the motive behind Mother’s Day, traditionally marked on the second Sunday of May.

On the eve of “International Mother’s Day” AGANTUK, a committed socio-cultural organization based out of the city of joy, working relentlessly since 2012, is organizing an event named “ANYA” in collaboration with Hungarian information and Cultural Center, New Delhi. This event commenced on 14th May and will go on till 16th of May, 2017 at Hungarian Information and Cultural Center, New Delhi. The entire event is conceived by Mrs. Swarnali Pal, Supported by Dr. Zoltan Wilhelm, designed and executed by Mrs. Parul Mittal and Miss Ahana Paul.

Sandeep Marwah, President Marwah Studious, Founder Film City was also among the special guests at the inaugural.

On the first day, three artists from Delhi – Ragini Sinha, Hemavathy Guha, and Sangeeta Kumar Murthy – and Swarnali Pal from Kolkata did live painting and share their viewpoints towards life and painting.

The next day will see two artists with special abilities from Kolkata – Madhubanti Chatterjee and Rinku Bhadra – and Hungarian artist Zsuzsa Gajden do live painting and interact with the visitors.

The third/last day will see the presence of some eminent people as honorable speakers. They include Wing Commander Arun Kaul (Author, Group Head- Human Resources Arvind Ltd, Ahmedabad); Dr Mallika Banerjee (Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta); Dr Bishnupada Mahapatra (President-awarded eminent Sanskrit scholar and professor); and Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma (Assistant Director, Rehabilitation Council of India); Agantuk Director Bipradas Bhattacharjee who is an eminent writer and poet; Mr. Shibapada Chakraborty (Speech therapist, Dactylology specialist, Project coordinator of Rupantar), and eminent research scholar Dr Margit Koves who is a Faculty member at Delhi University.

A group of girl children with special abilities of RUPANTAR Ruksana Khatun, Shrabani Pal, Sharmila Gharui and Isha Haldar will do live paintings on the first two days and will present a cultural performance on the final day.

This entire programme is modeled through performing art like painting, music, dance to make everyone’s presence felt with their latent talent just to bring them together. Bringing a smile on a sad face is humanity. It is our humanity that makes us human.

Mrs. Swarnali Pal, president of Agantuk and a noted painter as well as a singer, born in Kolkata in 1964. She introduced painting as an interpretation of music or tone through the medium of colour drawn with the brush, also showed how to portray a visual through her singing. She received a PEER certificate in Autism and Mental Disability from UCLA the regents of the University of California, USA. She tries to make less fortunate smile by gifting them colour. She helps them to lead a better life through colour therapy as she believes colour knows no boundaries, they belong to everyone whether they are apparently normal or differently abled. She has always tried to work with the children as well as adolescents through Colour Therapy to develop their mental health. It gives her immense joy and happiness to be with them.

In this event Agantuk has focused on the section she is working with through colour therapy and all the other artists from all over the world have come forward supporting this initiative of Agantuk and the work of Mrs. Swarnali Pal. All the children with special needs and the two artists with disabilities will set an example of the power of colour and how beautiful colour has made their lives.

Agantuk has been extended support by Hungarian Information and Cultural Center praising the work they are doing. Agantuk has been striving hard to leave no stone unturned in spreading the beacon of light amongst the darkest corners of our society – from autistic children to daily wage earners to illiterate housewives to differently abled youth to old age home residents. It is an implementing organization to initiate and to bridge the gap for the betterment of society, founded with the aim to encourage creative senses of every person. They want to make all the people feel special and happy.


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