ADPAY Selects XIUS as Technology Partner for Offering VNO Services across India

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G V Kumar - Founder, CEO & Managing Director - Megasoft Limited
G V Kumar – Founder, CEO & Managing Director – Megasoft Limited

XIUS, a division of Megasoft Limited, today announced signing of a new agreement with ADPAY Mobile Payment for integrating its advanced Mobile Services Platform (MSP) with the digital payment provider’s telecom service, AEROVOYCE.
In today’s world, telecom plays a significant role in making life smarter and better. The complementary capabilities of VNOs can enable them to play a pivotal role in achieving the various digital initiatives of the Government of India. AEROVOYCE, which will operate on the VNO model, had formally launched its mobile services a month ago in a tie-up with state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL).
The cloud-enabled XIUS MSP is designed and developed on a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) framework. To fulfil AEROVOYCE’s technology and operational needs, XIUS will integrate its MSP with BSNL’s nationwide network. This will further allow VNOs signing up with BSNL even in future, to launch services using XIUS MSP, in a quick ‘plug-n-play’ model without having to worry about high capital expenditure.
G V Kumar, CEO & Managing Director of XIUS said, “We are delighted to partner with AEROVOYCE and will work with them in delivering a broad spectrum of impactful services. The VNO route is a good option for companies to address customers that are underserved. XIUS has enabled millions of subscribers in the mobile operator services’ space and is well positioned to serve AEROVOYCE with their needs. Our global experience, high-end technology systems and end-to-end operational infrastructure will enable VNOs to build and commercialize innovative and attractive services to end users.”
XIUS MSP is a comprehensive solution that is ‘Made in India’ with all components built in-house at the Global Delivery Centre in Hyderabad. The solution is proven across the world with deployments in Europe, USA, Latin America, South East Asia and Middle East. XIUS was instrumental in launching one of the oldest MVNOs, Boost Mobile, USA (now part of Sprint) 14 years ago. It is this versatile experience that makes XIUS the natural choice for large as well as medium sub-base VNOs.
“ADPAY, the first national VNO of Indian Telecom will be spending INR 300 crore in three years on VNO PAN India rollout and plans to rope in at least few million subscribers in rural as well as tier-II and tier-III cities of the country,AEROVOYCE Founder and Chief Executive, Sivakumar Kuppusamy said. “A highly dependable technology offering and globally proven operational expertise were the key criteria considered while selecting XIUS. XIUS has deep expertise and several years of experience in deploying telecom and VNO solutions across the globe and this will definitely help AEROVOYCE to offer the best user experience to its subscribers,” he added.
AEROVOYCE selecting XIUS as the preferred VNE partner comes at a time when XIUS was already making long-drawn plans for investments in its drive to support the Digital India initiative. Apart from offering their technology, XIUS has assembled a ‘One-Stop Shop’ team of companies that offer VNOs the best chance of success.
As Virtual Network Operator (VNO), companies buy airtime and bandwidth in bulk from existing operators and then offer services under their brand. This model would offer consumers more choices for voice and data services and allows existing Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) additional options to monetize unused spectrumAbout XIUS
XIUS, a division of MEGASOFT LTD, is a mobile technology specialist focused on real-time transaction processing in Mobile Infrastructure & Services and Mobile Banking & Payments. With Headquarters in the USA, XIUS brings together premium technology and outstanding value-added solutions for customers globally. Over 25 years of telecom expertise is proven by more than 230 deployments and customers that include Tier 1 mobile operators, MVNOs and large enterprises across 5 continents. Its strong belief in innovation reflects in the filing of 120 patents, with 35 awarded to date.
XIUS is adept in meeting its client expectations and their needs. The varied portfolio of MVNOs to which it has provided solutions and offers services comprise of rural-inclusive, digital, cable, banking, ethnic, M2M, youth, roaming, advertisement-based, retail and loyalty.
XIUS mobile infrastructure solutions process and manage in excess of 350 million calls a day and the mobile payments solutions manage over $US 1 billion worth of payment transactions monthly.

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