365 Days Non-Stop Wheelchair Dance Shows by Differently Abled Says Mahiraa Jaan Pasha of “Miracle On Wheels”

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Sufi Spinning
Sufi Spinning

For the first time in History – anywhere in the world Mahiraa Jaan Pasha launches 365 days non-stop wheelchair dance “Miracle On Wheels” show. Director of Miracle On Wheels Mahiraa says that there is a growing demand of people who are visiting the country to witness these shows. It is a tourist attraction as it’s a unique concept never seen before. It is a great opportunity for the differently abled people who perform for people of our Nation and guest visiting our country.
“Miracle On Wheels” is a professional inclusive dance theatre company providing a platform to hundreds of differently abled people to perform along with abled people making them realise the importance of living amicably in a society by accepting and respecting each other’s shortcomings.
These performances are not only entertaining but also educating, motivating and empowering. Our shows have won the Guinness and Limca world record. Each act is innovative, researched and aesthetically choreographed. With professionally crafted lighting design, costumes, Music and presentation it transports the audience to the world beyond Bollywood and Hollywood.
365 non-stop shows, by the differently abled also has an interactive session, where the audience gets an opportunity to understand the techniques, methodology, design of wheelchairs/costumes and the real life achievements of the differently abled Artistes. It is a great life changing experience which transforms every individual into leading a positive life.
Those who like to see these life transforming shows please contact [email protected] and call for corporate reservations on +91-8884882440.

For more information please visit our website www.miracleonwheels.in

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