What is chitchat after Rio in India


Chitchat after Rio..

India first participated at Olympic in 1900 and got two silver medal by co-incident after 116 years our number of medal is same.

From last 15 days its cup of discussion either among group of friends or television/print/social media. This time it’s not limited to cup of tea but extended to family dining table.

Discussion between brothers after Rio, Younger brother asked elder brother, you were the tallest among us in school days but now I am taller than you. Elder brother replied after schooling, I didn’t participate in any sports activities but you actively participate in sport activities and make yourself fit which helps you to grow faster than me. Very few of us actively involve themselves in sport activities after high school.

Buzz in social media and Television, ##Betikhelocampaign##. It sends a message like India women never shown their potential in global events as if this is first time our women athletic bring glory for country. Where was this campaign when 16 year (2000) back one women athletic won Bronze for country?

Instead of showing loophole in system and how athletics can add more medals, our media shows their immature journalism by debating and telecasting ##Betikhelocampaign##.
When other countries analysis which area their Olympians not performed well and can be perform much better whereas in India most searched page in google was P V Sindhu caste and comparison between men and women athletics, it’s really disgusting.

We are ready to give crores of money those who brings medal for us but not ready to spend single penny on improving sports infrastructure in India. What about other athletics who didn’t bring glory for nation? Does their career come to an end as Olympic over?

When any sport person achieved or bring glory for India, we are immediately give his/her name to our new born baby but not allow them to pursue career in sport.

Let’s not expect much until we put system in place and create a better sports culture in India.

Biswajit Behera is a Certified Equity Research Analyst
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author


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