Top 8 Great Countries to Start a Business Out of India

Top 8 Great Countries to Start a Business Out of India

Which countries in the world are most friendly to start a business?  Here is a list of top 8 great countries to start a business out of India that has friendliest norms.

When you think of starting a new business out of India, the main things come in your mind include how to start the business, what are the regulatory and tax norms, how to get the documents of registration, how long the process of getting registration confirmation will take etc. We have found out the name of top 8 great countries in the world which are in the upper end of the easy norms of starting a business and most friendly to startups. This list is based on the World Bank’s annual “Doing Business” report that has included taxation, regulatory and other all other major concerns related to establish a new business. All the countries which are mentioned below follow business – friendly regulations.

  1. New Zealand

This country carries one stop shop approach to provide easy access to entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting a business here. Startups from across the world can connect to the regulatory bodies of this country online for less hassle. It will take only one day to get done all the formalities to start a business here.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is among the countries which have the liberal economies in the world. It is next ideal destination for entrepreneurs who want to establish base out of the country.  This country has shown a remarkable growth and has now reached on the top list of the countries which have easier regulatory and affordable taxes to lure startups across the world.

  1. Denmark

In Denmark, startups can benefit from quick & easy registration and cost & tax efficient processes. The procedure of registration of a company is same for citizens as well as for foreigners. In addition, they can do all formalities of registration online and can start a business within a few hours or in a single day without resident proof.

  1. Hong Kong

As Hong Kong is observed as a global leader in business and banking systems, it allows foreigners to own 100 per cent of business on its land. It will take 2-6 days to start a business here. The country believes in reforming regulations time to time to foster start-up friendly ecosystem.  It opens doors to enter in China market with a separate and easy set of norms.

  1. Norway

Norway has combined a strong technology setup to make the process of business registration and legalization easy. It will take minimum four days to start a new business here. The cost of launching a business venture is quite low in comparison to many other countries.

  1. Finland

In Finland registered businesses are legally independent of operating businesses in wide-ranging industries including healthcare, banking, insurance etc. Just follow the set regulations from the higher authorities after submitting a start-up notification to the Trade Registrar.

  1. United States

Setting up a business in the US as a foreign national is easy. Anyone can start a small to large enterprises easily in US. However, as a non-resident you need to spend extra hours to understand international tax law, opening a bank account and getting visas. If you address all these problems before launching your business, it will be less complicated.

  1. Sweden

Taxes could be an issue for some businesses, but, otherwise, this country has launched a slew of policies to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to help society. The country provides extra benefits in the form of special services and solutions to all those who want to promote international education and entrepreneurship. The country also offers training and consultation to ensure fast growth.

According to the World Bank Report, Australia, Canada, Macedonia, Taiwan, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, and Iceland are other countries with easy norms to start a business across borders. However, we advise you to do extensive research before starting your business out of the country. You can also take help from organizations who are already working in this area know all about the business norms of a particular country for foreigners.

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