The lungs of the planet have been burning; the world’s largest tropical forest has been amongst this ecological decay of environmental and political crisis.

With more than 2500 fires eating away one of the most crucial role players of the oxygen game on earth, the Brazilian Amazon rain forest is ragingly on fire. The fumes of this atrocity are visible to the citizens from thousands of kilometres away; the smoke is spitting massive volumes of carbon making the air highly hazardous to breathe.

In the last few years, the Brazilian tropical forest has witnessed a rise in the number of fires due to the degradation of land. The farmers have started the process of clearing lands and the water levels have reduced due to more farming. This has lead to warming the soil and amplifying drought which amalgamates and fuels the reason for fierce jungle fires. Here are a few elaborative points that will explain the fire better;

  • THE REASON: The main reason behind the amplification of the fires is the growing ways of clearing the forest illegally for farming. The fires are advanced by man and if the season is dry, they easily spread across. The increase in cattle farming as well as amplified the reasons for deforestation in the forest region since the 70s. Ironically, there have been studies suggesting that several pastures that are degraded and unproductive can be used for livestock. Technical developments have been made extensively to ensure that there is a better possibility of transforming larger areas of cattle farming into compact farms that offer the same convenience with minimal resources used.
  • THE RISING CONCERN: If the world population lives in the misconception that this devastation is only going to affect the Brazilian population, they are wrong. This devastation is going to take down a lot of other segments with it. The reduction in the Amazonian jungle will hugely impact the rains across South America and at the same time, the planet will face a major carbon sink. The Paris agreement will come under a questionable eye about the slow climate change issue if the deforestation does not stop in time. The government has started taking swift actions against the target of barring deforestation illegally and aiming to restore an area of 4.8 million hectares. The process of climate change will drastically increase if these measures are not taken impromptu.
  • THE POLITICAL REASON: Brazil is losing its forest at a swift pace and this has been the result of the economic crisis faced by the regulations and ministry after the change of the government. Many controversial programs have been running that claim to harm both the environment and human rights. Economic lobbying has affected the traditional and environmental rights of the communities and in the last few months, the government has also spread the news of reducing agencies and bodies responsible for fighting environmental issues.
  • OUR ROLE: Brazil’s fire is, of course, the responsibility of the government in rule at present but international faces have an important role to play as well. If the government of Brazil decides to further destroy the policies on climate or conservation of the environment it will have a very negative impact on the economy and the diplomatic relations. The government’s weak attempts on conserving the forest has not just internally affected the land but has internationally ruined its relations for funding. Brazil was receiving large financial support from Germany and Norway for the conservation of Amazon that has been discontinued now.
  • THE IGNORANCE OF SOLUTION: Saving the Brazilian forest is not an impossible task for the government if done right. The government already has the framework to stop deforestation illegally in Amazon; in 2004 the deforestation was at its peak but was controlled with strict measures implied by the government with a change in the supply interventions. There were laws passed to protect the land of Amazon curbing the damage massively. The time has come to use the already very strongly existing political, diplomatic and financial tools to stop the Amazon from coming to an end.

 The most significant step to work on is to ensure the safety of what is left of the Amazon, acting upon the growing crisis of jungle fires and deforestation hurriedly. This process will require much more hard work than just planting trees, an ecosystem has to be rebuilt that is home to waterways, plants, naturally grown vegetation, balancing the system on its own.


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