Terragni aims to create communities of engaged employees and engaged customers, A consulting organization that focuses on implementation potential

Terragni aims to create communities of engaged employees and engaged customers,

A consulting organization that focuses on implementation potential

Organizations face twin challenges, creating and sustaining  engaged employees on the one hand and on the other retaining and engaging customers. On behalf of their clients across the globe, Terragni Consulting took the onus to work on these twin challenges. The organization is rather unique in that it believes, that both these challenges are closely intertwined. Terragni Consulting has positioned itself as a noticeable name amongst strategy consulting organizations in the areas of Customer and People Engagement. Couple this with their rather interesting focus on implementability of their solutions, and reasons for their success become clear.

The organization over the last 6 years has developed significant IP through their innovative, market validated; consulting, assessment and implementation models and tools. Terragni’s solutions focus around the areas of  Organizational and Employee  Customer Centric Culture, Employee Engagement and Enhancement through Coaching, Experiential Segmentation, Customer Experience and Customer Effort , areas where Terragni Consulting has met considerable success by adopting a robust , yet creativeapproach, reminiscent of the Big 5 consulting firms.The company delivers solutions to some of the most complex challenges that afflict customer and people challenges through custom designed, cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

Terragni Consulting’s experience across Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Automobile, Indian MNCs, European majors, Fortune 500 companiesand many others translates into a differentiated value proposition and serves as a catalyst for their client’s growth. Terragni partners some of India’s and the world’s largest and most valued brands. The organization’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class processes zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

Terragni’s biggest differentiators are:

  • Unique in tying both People challenges and Customer challenges in one seamless construct and focusing on solutions that impact both. Terragni stands unique on this aspect.
  • Proven models and tools which lend structure, consistency and traceability to solutioning. The widespread industry adoption of the organization’smodels and tools such as the Terragni Customer Experience Score (TEA), The Terragni Experience Grid (TEG), Terragni Customer Effort Score (CES) are testimony to this. Now they bring to this market a globally acclaimed tool, the MRI, a tool to assess, how truly customer centric are your employees.
  • Laser focus on tying consulting outcomes to business outcomes. Terragni is perhaps the only consulting organization in its category to offer a service offering –The “Terragni ValueDelivery,an offering again unique in its design and vision. The offering is a detailed methodology and program, designed to assist and co-create with clients to help implement the solutions that Terragni has designed, such that these solutions can demonstrably have an impact on the business of the client organization and in turn create a showcase of success.

The CEO Magazine in a conversation with Mr. Anil V Pillai, Director, Terragni Consulting

TCM: How does the company build a successful customer base?

Anil:Terragni’s success lies in the business benefit that we deliver. Over 60% of our business is repeat business. Customers who have experienced the business benefit that we have delivered have kept coming back.

TCM:What are the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Anil:While our most effective marketing champions have been our customers ,Terragni has instituted two rather unique programs:

  • The Terragni Insight Series: This is a periodic “by invite” forum, where Terragni brings together Industry Leaders for an evening of enriched interaction with a panel of eminent industry speakers on varied topics that affect us all, is related to our work ,but we do not necessarily have the answers. The last Insight series topic was on “Growing Leaders”, held in association with the Times Group.
  • The second initiative is Terragni has instituted the “Terragni Customer Centricity Awards”, given away annually in February, at the Customer Fest event in Mumbai. The award recognizes exemplary performance by organizations in the area of Customer Centricity. Past winners have been excellent organizations such as Citibank and Nicholas Piramal. 

TCM: What are the major milestones for the company since founding? Does the company have any new projects coming up?

Anil:The organization has had significant milestones. Recently the company has had two laudable milestones. First , in collaboration with global customer centric assessment leaders –Market Culture Inc, Terragni has bought to South Asia, the “MRI”, a cutting edge tool, used by major global organizations, to help organizations assess, how truly customer centric are their employees. What needs to be done to change existing culture to a more customer centric one?

The second milestone is the launch of our Effort Score Platform unique, a multi lingual usage of Neuroscience based tools, in association with our partnerBuyer Brain,a very innovative ,young ,exciting Neuroscience company out of the European Union, to gather non conscious insights from target customers and employees. This was done to elicit deep insights to create higher customer and people engagement strategies and solutions.

TCM: Please tell us about your Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Anil:Terragni intends to sharpen its focus on creating solutions centered around, Customer Centric culture, Customer Experience, Customer Effort and Experiential Segmentation. We believe that the market is significant in the context of a growing, resurgent India. Our association with Market Culture and Buyer Brain ensures that there is sufficient innovation potential to what we to bring to the market.


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