In a startling, but somber turn of events, at the age of 71, Prince Charles, otherwise in good health has displayed mild symptoms of the widespread virus. Keeping in mind the situation, Duchess of Cornwall, 72 has also been tested, but she has been tested negative as confirmed by their spokesperson.

At Balmoral, Charles and Camilla have decided to self-quarantine. The Queen, from the Buckingham Palace, has released a statement that the last she saw the heir to her throne, her son was on the 12th of March and he was ‘in good health’ and it was also clarified that the Duke of Edinburgh was not available for the meeting and all the necessary measure is now being taken in regard to the health and welfare with appropriate measures.

In recent weeks, Prince Charles has been engaged in his usual social engagements keeping him occupied, making it hard to tell from where he may have gotten infected. The possibility of ascertaining has been ruled out in the statement released by the Royal House, “from whom the Prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks.”

The Royal House is cautiously taking steps forward, at present the medical advice about Prince Charles is that it doesn’t look like that bis condition is going to escalate from where it is right now. It will not get any serious from here, it was the weekend when he showed the first symptoms, but they still have not been pronounced bad enough for him to re-consider the travel schedule he is following at the moment.

Amidst all this chaos there also have been old pictures of the coronavirus positive singer Kanika Kapoor and Prince Charles flying across the internet. The pictures have come up from a royal event they recently attended, and there was no way the internet would spare the singer the trolling. The internet is full of trolls about the singer who has been tested third time positive od coronavirus.

And while this bustle is on across the internet, the singer has taken down the post where she socially announced that she has tested positive for coronavirus. She was criticized quite a lot for not following the isolation routine and continue traveling and attending her high-profile parties which were attended by approximately 200 guests.

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