PM Imran Khan Admits Pakistani Army and ISI Trained Al-Qaida

PM Imran Khan Admits Pakistani Army and ISI Trained Al-Qaida

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan caught the media attention of whole the world by making an explosive disclosure that the Pakistani army and ISI trained al -Qaida and other terrorist groups to fight in Afghanistan.

Speaking at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank in New York on Monday, Imran Khan was questioned whether there was a Pakistani probe to acquire how Osama bin Laden was residing in Abbottabad. In the answer, he stated “We had an inquiry. But I will tell, the Pakistan Army, ISI trained al Qaeda before 9/11, so there were always going to be linked. Many in the Army didn’t accept the policy change post 9/11.”

However, it has long been known that the Pakistani military trained the so-called mujaheddin that fought Soviet troops in Afghanistan under CIA tutelage.  And, this is the first time and one of the biggest admissions by Pakistan on terrorism that any Pakistani leader has directly confirmed the Pakistan military and intelligence agency trained al –Qaida.


Al Qaeda (AQ) is a Salafi militant organization having leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan and a network of members and affiliates across the world. The organization was established on August 11, 1988, Osama in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The idea of Al-Qaeda was initiated at a meeting attended by Bin Laden, Zawahiri and Dr. Fadl in Peshawar, Pakistan. The foundation of this group brings together extraordinary Saudi wealth, the experience of a lifetime Egyptian militant, and a philosophical foundation for jihad from a Cairo intellectual.

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