Happy Mother’s Day: a day for the most special woman of your life


Happy Mother’s Day: a day for the most special woman of your life

This Mother’s Day show your mother how much you love her not with your gift but, with your time and affection

Mother is the best creation of God on Earth. Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honour the mother, to love her with care and warmth. The story of Mother’s Day is not a new phenomenon and not based on a single story. Mother’s Day celebration was started in the year 1914. 150 years ago a woman named Anna Jarvis used to organize a day to increase the awareness of poor health conditions in her society.  Sometimes, she thought mother’s believed in doing, and she called it a “Mother’s Work Day.” When Anna Jarvis died, her daughter, Anna wanted to honour all that her mother did.  One day, when her mother was alive, she told that one day she hoped someone would make a special day merely for mothers.

To make this happen, Anna worked very hard and talked to presidents and other leaders to try to create a special day just to honour them.  By 1914 a man named Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Mother’s Day as a national holiday. Because white carnation was the favourite flowers of Anna’s mothers’ favourite flower, that’s why mother often receives carnations on Mother’s Day. Though with time, the actual meaning of this day changed and people started presenting the expensive gift. That must not be, honouring the role of the mother is part of the story behind Mother’s day.

On Mother’s Day, take time out for the wonderful woman of your life and honour her for her life-time contribution, love, affection, care and many more.


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