Equipping Employees with a Right technology is a must for Every Business

Equipping Employees with a Right technology is a must for Every Business 

Help your employees work smart rather by leveraging new technologies! Oracle Corporation conducted a study to evaluate the impact of equipping employees with right technologies and how this exercise helps to create a strong business.

Every small and big business need to equip employees with the right set of tools and technologies to do the job smartly. A recent study conducted by Oracle Corporation says, equipping employees with the latest digital technology, having accessible leaders and strong company values are important factors that reflect on an employee’s success or failure within the company. The study also pointed out those 51 per cent employees who participated in this study complained that they don’t have access to right technology to do their job efficiently. That’s why many times they become frustrated because all this do not allow them to work with a specific purpose.

Digital Technology Integration Makes Every day Jobs Hassle Free

Digital technology has changed the way of working, learning and playing at the workplace. It is essential for every organization as it comes with a number of advantages and helps business owners to keep their employees motivated ad enthusiastic toward work. The study states that the only 49 per cent respondents agreed on that they have access to latest technology at their workplace. Yazad Dalal, Head of Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle APAC says, “The all-digital world is changing how we live, how we work and how business is conducted.” He adds, “Gone are the days when the workplace was merely a physical space that employees occupied between 9am to 5pm.” Digital technology is increasing sharing and collaboration among employees and on board members. “The separation between professional and personal lives has dissolved through the use of mobile devices, changing work patterns, and the change in attitude towards work by employees and employers. It is obvious that employees are digital consumers first. We believe the employee experience must match the consumer experience, at a minimum,” Dalal adds.  Implementation of digital technology means you are promoting a collaborative working atmosphere to do more work every day for employees.  It also helps in facilitating learning on the go through mobile apps. Cloud-based sharing system is helpful to work together online. It is also enabling businesses to connect with employees in a number of ways by implementing an interactive atmosphere and offer customized learning experience.

Accessible Leadership Makes Employees Happy and Satisfied

Productivity and performance of a business are also influenced by on-board practices. If there is a strong presence in leadership it will boost productivity automatically because employees feel more engaged satisfied with the work and it keeps them motivated to perform better. However, among all only 49 per cent of participants think that their leaders as visible and approachable. Dalal explains, “Your new hire has already made the decision to stay or go within the first 14 days of employment. That means these first 14 days are pivotal to building rapport with the company and management. First impressions matter and leaders need to be accessible. Don’t stop communication once your new hire has signed on. You must continue to invest with a great onboarding experience and career plan that aligns with personal goals and values of the employee. Both short and long term, this will ultimately lead to a more productive and engaged employee that wants to stay.” So, for healthy leadership and employees’ relationship, always remain accessible to all those who are working under you. Use of digital technology can be more effective to stay in touch with each other regular.

Strong but like- Minded Values and Culture is Worthwhile

If you and your employees have like-minded values, it will help in employee engagement. However, according to the study, only 46 per cent participants believe that their companies are concerned about their well-being. Employees will become more productive and comfortable if your company have a creative, yet flexible workplace.

Oracle has released all these outcomes on the basis of a study titled “Global Engagement Study” that covered nearly 5, 000 full-time employees of different organizations. The study clearly indicates that to create a strong business, it is very important to equip employees with the latest technology, having reachable leaders all along great values. All these factors decide all about the employees’ success or failure within an organization.

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