Delhi faces curfew amidst the coronavirus scare in the city, the fight against COVID19 has tightened the curfew meaning for the citizens of the national capital on Monday with police permitting curfew passes for essential good owners only.

Coming from the horse’s mouth i.e. the media is not required to have a curfew pass, all they need is the official identification card issued by the media house they work for and will be free to report from the ground. The decision for the national capital has come in the wake of the recent turn of events in the rise in cases of coronavirus.

Stating the sources, the Delhi Police states, “For the movement of persons involved in the essential goods and services, the concerned Delhi-based organizations have to get the curfew passes from their respective district Police headquarters”.

The urgent curfew was declared in the national capital on 23rd March 2020 after the restrictions were not taken seriously in Telangana, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh by the citizens. The violations skyrocketed jeopardizing the health of the one roaming freely and the ones they meet later, the curfew has more acted like a precautionary measure keeping in mind the current scenario.

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has requested people to stay home in the hard times of lockdown and until any further update is announced. He has also asked the officials to ensure that the laws are followed by the citizens and implemented in an orchestrated manner. The Delhi Chief Minister on Sunday announced the invoking of prohibiting orders and also made it mandatory checks unprecedented to curb down any further spread of the virus that has already infected enough people to realize the situation as a state of emergency with the total crossing 450.  The lockdown has been put into the process with the sealing of the Delhi borders.

Any further update in regard to the curfew has been yet kept on hold and only time will tell what else is in the bag for the citizens of the country. The best appeal that has been coming across from all corners is that stay inside so that the people outside who have put their lives on risk for us can work better. Grocery, medical, provision, media houses are all open for the citizens of the national capital to continue their services and make sure that there is no problem in the daily routine of basic supplies to people.

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