Considering the epicenter of a new coronavirus, China has decided to put a lockdown on the happy city of 11 million people after the outbreak killed 17 people and affected 600 others while the authorities for health around the world are jostling to put the potency of a global plague away.

The fear has seeped in that the transmission rate will amplify over the days and accelerate infections millions of people residing in china who have recently come back home to celebrate the Lunar New Year that starts this Saturday. It is being said that the virus entered the city through the trade of illegal wildlife in the animal market of Wuhan, China. Even the United States has been reporting cases of the virus recently; the local government has confirmed that they would be shutting down all the local transport and outgoing flights.

The government has taken steps in urgency to ensure curbing any further unwanted damages while urging the locals to not leave the houses unless it is urgent. They have also been trying to avoid any panic among the people after reports started floating through the internet of China’s Health Commission confirming 571 cases and 17 deaths by Wednesday end. Several experts have added their opinion on the virus saying that the present virus is not as serious as the earlier coronaviruses like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and SARS that managed to infect and kill more than 700 people in total if it is a global emergency or not, the decision will be taken on Thursday by the World Health Organisation.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in Geneva that China’s actions so far were “very strong” but called on Beijing to take “more and significant measures to limit or minimize the international spread. We stressed to them that by having a strong action not only they will control the outbreak in their country but they will also minimize the chances of this outbreak spreading internationally. So they recognize that.”

“The early evidence at this stage would suggest it’s not an as severe disease like SARS or MERS,” Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said.

Wuhan for long has been the commercial hub in China for the industrial functions and the effect of the virus in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong has pushed the trade to take a step back. A number of people have cancelled their trips to the city, flights have been cancelled, shopping centers have been shut down, and in total the place is on a standstill at present.

The authorities are working towards their investigation to ensure the source from where the virus has entered the city. Though they have confirmed the virus has entered through the illegal wildlife trade, investigations have continued to further check the origins. Countries around the world like Australia and Britain have been warning their citizens to avoid travelling to Wuhan until the situation is under control and does not create havoc for their health.


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